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Apartheid in South Africa essay

Apartheid is a form of racial segregation established in 1948 by the South African National Party that governed until 1994. The term means separation. This ensured that the whites dominated the country even when they were the minority being 20% of the country’s population (Louw, 2004). ...

Israel and Iran essay

Israel attacked Iran. This was prompted by a series of exchanged heated attacks between the two countries for a period. It all started some years ago when Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu had said the US should do more than just imposing sanctions on Iran to ensure they get rid of the ...

United Nation Historical Evolution essay

United Nation was formed in 1945 immediately after Second World War with an aim of restoring peace, stability and re-settling post war victims. It was also mandated with the role of settling the Jews who were the major victims of the Second World War and through it efforts it was able to create the ...

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