Additional Services

Progressive Delivery

Progressive delivery (or delivering orders progressively) is one of the special service options that offers. This option is designed to help customers better manage longer and more complicated orders i.e. those that are comprised of 20+ pages (double-spacing) or 10+pages (where an order is required in single-spacing).    

Advantages of Progressive Delivery:

  • Gives the customer the opportunity to track their order’s progress since the paper(s) in question are delivered in parts for the customer’s approval before the final submission deadline
  • Free revision service for 30 days past order delivery date (standard revision time is just 2 days for a regular order).  
  • Top writer and editor allocated to your particular order.
  • Personal account manager allocated to each order to ensure satisfactory completion. Personal managers also ensure that all contact and communication between the customer and their writer is prompt, efficient, and effective.   

Our company sends drafts by the following methods*:

  • Where orders are required in 4 days or sooner than this, our company sends drafts before 50% of the deadline has passed (for example, drafts are sent in 1 day where orders have deadlines of 2 days) and we send a quarter – 25% - of the total size of the paper (for example, our company will send 5 pages of draft in the case of orders that are 20 pages in size).       
  • Where orders are required in 5 to 11 days, our company sends drafts before (respectively) 25% and 50% of the deadline has passed, and we send (respectively) a quarter and half– 25% and 50% - of the total size of the paper.  
  • Where orders are required in 12 days or over a longer period, our company sends three (3) drafts before (respectively) 25%, 50%, and 75% of the deadline has passed, and we send (respectively) a quarter, half, or three-quarters – 25%, 50%, and 75% - of the total size of the paper.   

Greater flexibility for just 15% more added to an order’s cost

* In the event papers are required by different methods, our company will be happy to develop a personal plan to reflect the customer’s preferences and their order’s requirements. In cases like these, the personal manager looking after the order will discuss and settle the customer’s requirements directly with the customer.

Extra Services for Customers with Shorter Orders (i.e. those of less than 20 pages)

One-Page Paper Summaries

Our company can send a summary of your paper if required. This additional and optional service allows you to receive a short summary of your entire order in just 1 page to enable you to quickly see the primary points. This service is useful for those customers who are required to provide interim reports on the research they are doing.   

Drafts of Ordered Papers

Our company can also provide 1-page drafts of your ordered paper if required i.e. as 300 or 600-word documents in double or single-spacing respectively. Drafts are available once an order has reached the 50% completion mark, e.g., once half the deadline has been reached (for example, we will send a draft in 2 days in cases where an order has a deadline of 4 days. 

Extended Revision Time

At all times, guarantees to revise papers free-of-charge provided requests are received within 48 hours of an order being delivered. However, with our “extended revision” service, this timeframe is extended to 14 days (2 weeks)!