Advertising Essay: Send the Right Message in Your Writing

Modern life is impossible without advertising. The society has got used to ads seen everywhere: on television, radio, Internet, printed mass media. All website resources are full of various advertisements: pop-up windows, images, links, videos, emails, and other ones. Advertising has become one of the major channels of expenditures for business companies. Enormous amounts up to over $450 billion annually are spent on advertising. No wonder than an advertising essay has become one of the most typical types of academic assignments for the students. It is impossible to overestimate the value of ads in a present-day business world, and we have made profound analysis of the field to offer valuable guidance for the students from experienced writers of service. You will be able to prepare an outstanding essay on advertising with our help! 


What is an Advertising Essay?

Critique essays on advertising are devoted to comprehensive analysis of particular ads. They are typically structured and composed according to the common principles of essay writing. A thesis is incorporated into a well-written introductory part. The body contains several paragraphs and each of them has its own topic sentence. The final part of the essay is a conclusion which summarizes the written work. Nevertheless, the students should be focused on peculiar features of an essay on advertisements to be efficient in their writing. The readers expect to read your particular verdict on a peculiar advertisement, so you should not disappoint them. 

All contemporary media are filled with advertisements, and there is no TV channel or web page without them. Check whether they are up-to-date and whether they follow the planned route. Critique essays on advertisements imply analysis of ads from different points of view and perspectives. Learn how to make an advertising essay effective and craft it professionally to captivate the audience and get good grades.

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Advertisement Essays: How to Compose Them 

Introduction and Thesis Statement 

No essay is possible without a thesis. It is a well-composed statement that clearly expresses the intended point of and expresses the key argument. Writing a thesis statement, you should check whether it is sufficiently detailed and communicate the key point or argument in a concise but thorough manner.

The most essential part of the essay is an introduction that draws the attention of the readers and captivates them. Your task is to make this part exciting as it will determine whether your readers will read your paper to the end. A concise introductory part is supposed to contain a lot of details to present the key argument and appeal to the audience.

Start with a hook in your introduction. The first sentence can sometimes be the most important in your writing as it can capture the attention or make the readers bored. It will be right to start with providing the summary of an ad, including the name of the product, the business company, and other details. The introduction should have a good thesis incorporated effectively.

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Paragraphs of the Body

The thesis statement contains ideas that are further developed in the paragraphs of the body. The main argument is built on the basis of the smaller ideas. The topic sentence at the beginning of every paragraph makes the structure of the essay clear and transparent. Every paragraph has a topic sentence and supporting sentences that give the required evidence to the ideas. 

Topic sentences are a must for essay writing. Typically, there are from three to five body paragraphs, but there are cases with peculiar instructions given by the professors to get a different number of paragraphs. Use only original ideas, otherwise citations are required. The targeted audience of the ad should be mentioned as well as the strategies applied.


Have a look at a nice sample essay about advertisement to see how the ideas are wrapped up with a summary of the key arguments. The thesis statement should be restated in the final part with the conclusion to everything presented above. It should be clear and memorable. 

Writing a conclusion, follow the tips we have prepared to make your advertisement critique effective. Make your summary concise and interesting. Do not forget to get the thesis statement rephrased. Think about possible improvements of the advertisement and offer your recommendations. Analyze possible implications of an ad in the social, cultural, and political spheres of the society.

Writing Guidelines

  • First of all, opt for the ad you can understand well. Only being familiar with the context, you can make thorough analysis of the content and presentation of the ad. 
  • Choose the products familiar to you.
  • Analyze the most specific elements along with their description.  .
  • Build up an exciting argument.
  • Start with writing an outline to base the essay on it. 

Simple advertisements are more difficult to analyze. Opt for those with complicated ideas, interesting approaches, and creativity in presentation. 

In your academic life, you will definitely have a task to work on an advertisement essay at least once. Discuss the ad from different points of view and make the analysis of strategies from different perspectives. You will be among the top students if you follow our advice!

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