Best Essay Topics on Ageing

1. Ageing factors. This is probably one of the widest essay topics on ageing, so you will probably need to make a general overview rather than focus on each factor separately. Otherwise, this will take a whole research paper, as a full discussion of this topic will not fit into one essay.

2. Sports and Ageing. You can discuss the interrelation between the process of ageing and physical exercise. Find studies related to this matter and remember to express your own point of view.

3. Ageing in Different Nationalities. Comparing to other ageing essay topics, this one will deal with researching the cultural environment and lifestyle of different nationalities, not only the medical factors that cause ageing in one’s organism.

4. Reversible Ageing. It has been established by scientists that certain ageing processes can actually be stopped and turned back. You can opt to write your paper about how the cells renew themselves and what contributes to this quality of theirs.

5. Workplace and Its Influence on Ageing. It is a well-known fact that the conditions in which a person works influence his or her health considerably, which is connected to ageing directly. Thus, you can show this connection and analyze it in your essay, comparing the health risks in different working environments, as well as listing the healthiest jobs that will keep employees young longer.

6. Yoga and Ageing. Yoga is stated to be a powerful tool against ageing, which has been studied and proven by many scientists. Thus, it could be one of the most inspirational essay topics on ageing, especially considering the growing popularity of yoga nowadays. A good idea would be to illustrate your work with the real examples of elderly people who practice yoga regularly and look fabulous.

7. Ageing as a Subject of Art. Many artists dedicated their sculptures and paintings to ageing, and you can devote your paper to this theme. Besides fine arts, you can search for the concept of ageing in poetry, fashion, music and other forms of art.

8. Best Literature on Ageing. Among hundreds of books and articles that can be found in stores, libraries and on websites, you can select those that are really worth reading, and present them in your paper. Your own taste would be a perfect guide for such selection.

9. Psychological Background of Ageing. What changes in one’s emotional and psychological state in the process of ageing? Which changes happen in human organism, brain cells and mind? How do these changes affect the way the person reacts and behaves? The special literature on ageing psychology will help you answer all these questions.

10. Young Brain. In an essay with this topic, you can discuss the factors that keep human brain young and prevent the ageing processes in it. Among the helping materials for such paper, you may use the lectures and articles of T. Tchernigovskaya, a famous modern researcher, PhD in brain studies, who specialized in ageing processes of the brain.

11. Stereotypes about Ageing. In the modern society, where everything is constantly developing and the old schemes cannot be applied anymore, young people have much more chances of being socially welcomed and more successful. Therefore, the theme of accepting the ageing process and the existing stereotypes about elderly age is actually rather topical now.

12. Cross-linking Theory. The scientists are trying to understand the mechanisms of ageing, in order to rearrange them and control this process. Cross-linking theory is one of the explanations of why and how human body ages, which can serve as a basis for your essay.

13. Medical Intervention for Slowing Ageing Processes. In the constant pursue of longer life and youth, humanity has discovered numerous preparations to help with this task. Thus, you can choose this theme among other essay topics on ageing and discuss the medical intervention that has proven to be successful for slowing down the ageing processes in human organism. Also, it could be a good idea to discuss the preparations that were not helpful, and how they were tested.

14. Social Ageing. Apart from the biological reasons and forms of ageing, there are also social norms and roles for each particular age. They define the behavior and lifestyle of an individual from a certain age category, which sometimes means imposing certain ageing attributes. This topic could be developed in your essay.

15. Nutrition and Ageing. It is clear to everyone that proper nutrition full of the basic microelements is the core of healthy life, but it has been established that special nutrition programs can actually delay ageing. In your paper, you can summarize the existing studies on the subject, referring to the respected researchers and institutions and their findings on the positive impact of a diet on the ageing processes.