Chicago Style in Text Citation

Every time you are assigned a writing task, you are supposed to use specific formatting style. There different formats, which require different editing techniques and wrong essay formatting can result in points deduction. Chicago is one of the most widely used formats, which has its specific features. Just like with any other formatting style, if you fail to follow Chicago style cover page guidelines, you can be penalized and your mark can be reduced. Our article will provide basic rules on formatting papers in Chicago style.


Remarkable Guide of Chicago Citation Format and Style


If you check any Chicago style template, you will see that even the title page is formatted specifically. The title of the paper should be placed approximately at 1/3 of the page. Make your title clear and do not forget to use Times New Roman 12. In an attempt to make the title more noticeable, many students tend to change font, its color or to increase font size. It is not recommended as a title page format also follows a general rule. Avoid underlining any parts of the paper title. One more thing to remember is that if your title is too long and it takes two lines, you should use double spacing, which is also a feature of Chicago style. If you check the Chicago style paper format template further, you will also notice that the student’s name is placed halfway down the page. Besides, 2/3 down the page, you should place information on your course number, instructor’s name and date of paper submission. All the information presented on the title page should be double-spaced (not only paper title). 


Just like in many other formatting styles, in Chicago, one-inch margins are required. Formatting process may greatly depend on the Windows and Microsoft Word version you use. For example, if you use 2007 version of Word, you have to make sure that while using proper margins there will be no other changes of format that you will have to correct in order to follow Chicago format. Besides, we do not recommend aligning the right margin, as it can influence the quality of formatting. 


The other important aspect of Chicago format is the format of page numbers. According to the modern standards of Chicago formatting style, page numbers should be used on each page except the title page. Page number should be placed in the right upper corner of the paper right after your last name. Besides, one more thing should be taken into consideration. The first numbered page of the paper should be labeled as page 2. It can be done by clicking the insert icon on the menu bar (in case you use Word 2007). Then you should click the page icon. After that, you should choose top page position. As a result, all the following pages will use the same format of pages numbering and you will not have to insert them manually. In case you have inserted page numbers on all pages including the title page, you can change it in the following way. The first step will be clicking Header and Footer icons using Tools menu. In case you use version 2007 of Word, you should click Different First Page box. After that you will have to click [X] sign at the top right corner of your computer screen. It will help you make necessary changes, and follow the correct Chicago format. In case you find it difficult to navigate Microsoft Word, you can always ask someone for help. In other case, you can use online videos to help you solve the problem with inserting page numbers. There are different manuals available on the Internet, especially on YouTube.


Bibliography is a list of sources used in the paper. It is an extremely important part of the paper and it should be properly formatted to meet Chicago formatting requirements. Bibliography is usually written on a separate page and all the sources are placed in alphabetical order. The word “Bibliography” is placed at the top of the page and is centered. All bibliography sources should be written in Times New Roman 12. Besides, all the Chicago style in text citation should be also formatted following the general guidelines of Chicago style. Chicago style citation in text is important to make necessary reference to the author who made a claim or did some research necessary for your paper. There are different websites, which can provide more information bibliography formatting. Moreover, you can easily find Chicago manual of style in text citation on the Internet as well.


It is important to remember that in the process of formatting your essay in Chicago formatting style, you should not forget to use double-spacing for your entire document. If you do not want your overall mark to be reduced because of minor mistakes in formatting your paper, avoid using additional spacing. Adding spaces between words and lines will make your paper poorly structured and bad looking, which can lead to deduction in points. However, in case you are required to use single-spacing in your paper, you should do it not to be penalized. In addition, intend every first line of a new paragraph. It will make your paper look logical and nice. 

By following all the tips provided above, you will be able to meet the requirements of the Chicago format. Remember that correct format is as much important as the content of your paper.