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BiGAUSTIN is a non-profit financial organization with headquarters in central Texas, which specializes in financial education, tailored business and enterprise counseling as well as flexible business start up loans to its clients. The article below will answer questions on how the organization goes about daily activities and actions tackling different societal challenges.

How does the organization justify its fundraising efforts?

Going by the quote dont just stand for the success for other women, insist on it, BiGAUSTIN organization believes in empowering women through offering loans and counseling them on how to start and grow their small businesses. To achieve this, the organization has to conduct fundraisings in order to finance the projects.

The organization strives to assist women and small business owners to successfully grow their businesses by providing them with professional and comprehensive education and training to enable them jump start their businesses and make their business ideas a reality.

BiGAUSTIN conducts its fundraising activities through the BiG/ idea day, which is the largest annual fundraiser for the organization as it is attended by over 300 attendees. The list of attendees is made up of small and medium business owners, other financial institutions, as well as community leaders. The annual fundraising provides attendees with an opportunity to see what small business owners and investors are doing to keep businesses in Austin competitive and keep bearing profits. The annual event also helps businesses to network with other businesses within the similar field.

Does the organization make, in your opinion, a compelling case that investing in its programs is a noble and necessary way of addressing a social problem? How and why/why not?

As a way of addressing poverty as a social problem, BiGAUSTIN invests in educating women and members of the society on how they can successfully grow their businesses. This is achieved by organizing fundraising events so that the organization is able to give loans to interested parties. The organization strives hard to train women on how to invest and grow their businesses through comprehensive training and education, tailored business counseling and offering flexible loans, which go a long way in helping them start and grow their businesses.

As a way of helping tackle societal problems and challenges, the organization offers many affordable and flexible loans to enable members of the community to tackle their business needs well. By applying for BIGs smart loans, the society members are able to receive funding, education, training and also get business counseling on how to invest wisely avoiding risks.

How does the organizations internal control procedure fulfill the requirements of funders and regulators?

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BiGAUSTIN financial services have a team of dedicated staff who ensure that everything runs smoothly and according to plan. All funders and sponsors always rest assured that their money is put into good use, by helping members of the society at large invest in businesses and also grow existing businesses which enable them to improve their living standards.

As its mission states, the organization strives to assist small business owners and women to successfully grow their business through provision of education and training to ensure members of the society benefit from the funds raised by sponsors and other well wishers. The tailored and flexible loans provided by BiGAUSTIN organization go a long way in helping the community members jump start their businesses.

How does the organization use its income to promote positive change in its target community?

Through the income generated by the fundraising events, BiGAUSTIN promotes positive change in the society by offering many financial services to improve the living standards of the societal members. Among the many financial services provided by the organization there are: financial advising and counseling to its clients, both new and existing ones, lending loans and grants to small business owners to ensure that living standards of societal members are improved.

The organization has also been a great champion in advocating the empowerment of women, and it is through this that the organization has a special program dedicated to helping women and the disabled to invest in their areas of interest, by providing flexible and affordable loans which help them jump start their business ideas and make them a reality.

How does the mission of the organization affect the way it raises money?

According to its mission, BiGAUSTIN strives to assist business owners to successfully grow their businesses by provision of comprehensive education, training, tailored business counseling and flexible loans to enable them jump start their business growth. The organization has a responsibility to fulfill this mandate by doing all it can to provide affordable and flexible loans to members of the society to ensure that their living standards are improved through starting successful business ventures.

The organization also provides comprehensive training and education to enable small and inexperienced business owners tackle challenges and risks which are bound to occur as they go through their day to day activities.


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