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Cereal Product

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Cereal Analysis

The introduction of a new product is recognized as a fundamental marketing activity among companies. This particular aspect of marketing is fueled in a companys operations among the continuously increasing competition. Different companies involved in the food industry such as McDonalds are seeking competitive advantage by providing value while at the same time giving customers the freedom to select the products which they consider to be of the best value.

My desire is to introduce a cereal product, namely a crisp and delicate finished cake that has a desirable physical appearance and is ideal for breakfast. The cooked cereal could be made from whole grains, partially dried so as to retain a rubber-like structure that contains between 15 to 30 percent of moisture. It could be made in the desired shape by engaging the processes such as rolling, shredding, or flaking. However, extra caution is necessary in order to avoid the usage of grains with excessively low moisture as it could cause the grains to crack. When the required structure of the grain is achieved, it further put under a drier to make it harder, and with subsequent heating it becomes expanded and puffed. In the puffing process, the result is a high degree of puffiness together with a crisp-tender structure. Characteristically, this product is easier to chew as compared to other foods produced via customary methods since it has an extremely low density.

While conducting the process, cereal grains of similar or diverse varieties could be cooked in various devices such as rotary steam cookers or retort. In order to crown the entire process, the resulting product is very desirable and ready to be consumed. For many people, prepared snacks make the life easier, especially the student population which is a major customer for the fast foods industry. Furthermore, the cakes are produced in all sizes thus favoring people with diverse abilities. With the whole grain crisp cakes, the company's customers ought not to skip meals or compromise their health. These cakes will offer convenience and a healthy meal so as to suit consumers schedule. I am inclined to believe that the whole grain crisp cake is uniquely designed for the right customers and will definitely bare the competition in the market.

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Marketing the new product will begin with selling directly to the target consumers. The above mentioned is necessary for ensuring that there is sufficient demand for this product and creating a sustainable platform for the customers who can be contacted to give a feedback about the product as well as its mode of packaging. Apart from it, the web will provide an effective medium for reaching the larger market. To achieve this, I suggest that establishing a website is essential for reaching a wider customer base. I also intend to organize and host a home party to share the product with a network of friends and generally sell the product through the local community. I am certain that social media marketing has become an effective means of gaining popularity and helping the new product to obtain a firm ground among the consumers.

With this presentation, I wish to request that the whole grain crisp cake becomes a product in McDonalds Company, acting as a supplementary product to soft drinks produced by the company. Besides, the organization will become a central hub for healthy and nutritious crisp cakes. This proposition will help the McDonalds Company management to gain a better insight of the new product value and brand evaluation.


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