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Cultural Analysis

Cultural Analysis

A snack called Pirates Booty needs to extend its market, and the companys goal is England. This business has many chances to be accepted in England due to the cultural features that unite this brand and a target area. In the consciousness of many people, the history of England is associated with the era of reckless pirates, who robbed the ships, drank much rum and had a life full of joy. The romantic period of the seventeenth century is described in history as an adventurous and amazing time. Since that time, pirates have been percieved like honorable adventurers, but not like criminals or bandits. This image was widely used in literature, later in performances and movies. Children are those who admire the history of pirates and thus, Pirates Booty is designed specially to target this consumer group. The success in distribution of this snack in England can be achieved due to such factors as cultural aspect, correct motivation and expressive design.


The cultural aspect predetermines that the brands name is closely connected with English culture. This fact means that the manufacturer may use the cultural aspect in order to present the product as the part of Englands origin. Despite the fact that pirates existed in many countries, England is considered to be the motherland of all pirates (Cusic & Faulk, 2009). Hence, the popularity of the product in England may be increased. It also can be increased due to the spreading of the pirate-boom advertisement. Moreover, the cultural aspect may help to simplify the implementation of pirate design in the country, which history is overfilled with the stories about the brave sailors who boarded the ships and searched for treasures on desert islands.

The correct motivation means the cooperation with Englands companies, which will agree to support the spreading of Pirates Booty products in their country (Rosenthal, 2012). According to this fact, a correct motivation predetermines that the product could receive more popularity in England. Hence, those companies, which will decide to cooperate with Pirates Booty company, could receive the significant advantages. Thus, a correct motivation of Englands partners may increase the process of Pirates Booty spreading in England.

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The expressive design will help to implement the product into the new environment. This design should include the features that will be related to people who live in England (Wall, Mucavele & Sharp, 2012). For instance, the new design may consist of some landscapes, famous buildings or bays on the background. The new design will introduce the expressive features of English culture and, thus, will have more chances to attract the attention of people in the new location.

As a conclusion, it can be said that Pirates Booty can achieve more popularity, if the company spreads its influence in England. According to this fact, this business will be accepted in England, if one takes into consideration some significant facts. First of all, it is the design of the product. Historically, people associate England as a place where the pirates legacy was started. No doubt, that many other sea-countries have also made a significant contribution to the stories about pirates, but England, probably, has the most powerful effect. Hence, two terms like pirate and England receive the self-connected meaning in the peoples consciousness. The second factor is the expressive design that will attract more consumers. If the product receives some specific features in its design, like famous buildings in the background, or other landscapes that are connected with England, it will increase its popularity. To sum up, one can say that Pirates Booty has many chances to achieve success, if the company extends its market.


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