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Growth and Development Observation Analysis of a 28year Single Mother

Growth and Development Observation Analysis of a 28-Year Single Mother



Human growth and development explores the development and growth of an individual. It is influenced by workplace, schools, family, and community. Growth and development of an individual is hence defined by the way in which an individual changes in terms of maturity, shape and size over a period of time. It is hence important for an individual to be able to access and measure his/her growth and development (Diane & Papalia, 2008). It is also very important for an individual to appreciate the historical background upon which growth and development is based.

Overview of Biographical Data

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The report describes the growth and development of Miranda. Miranda is a 28-year-old single mother. She gave birth at the age of 18 when most of her peers were still going to college. Miranda is a first born in a family of five. At the moment, she still lives at home with her parents, and she is unemployed. She is overweight and is unable to graduate from college. Miranda is also unable to maintain a stable relationship.

Theoretical Description of Mirandas Stage of Development

Miranda has almost passed her age of getting married. Considering that she has put a considerable amount of weight, promising young men are not willing to propose marriage to her. Miranda has a child that requires parental guidance and care, but Miranda is not financially stable. She dropped out of school, and so she is unemployed at the moment. She cannot even afford to go back to college and complete her courses.

Miranda is hence in dire need of practical and emotional support. She is not comfortable seeing her peers. At the moment, they are through with college and are successfully married. This support should come from friends, relatives, religious groups, and well wishers.

Observations of Mirandas Physical, Cognitive and Psychosocial Growth and Development

Miranda has by all means to try to make a sense of her living. She must be able to understand her body. Her body has since greatly changed. Miranda also has to learn how to develop and manage relationships. She has been unable to keep a serious relationship, but then she must be encouraged to improve on the same (Sudbery, 2009).

It is important that an individual should have adequate biological knowledge concerning his/her body development. An individual should also be aware of the influences of development on peoples behavior and emotions (Diane & Papalia, 2008). Miranda seems not to have learnt the same. It would therefore auger well if her family and friends accord her the necessary strength and support. Miranda requires much information about her body. The information should be specific to help her make various improvement adjustments concerning her weight.

Development Tasks that are Met and not Met

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Miranda has partially developed biologically. Ericksons psychosocial model explains the stages of development of individuals. The theory claims that life evolves in several stages. The stages include adolescence, infancy, and old age among others. Miranda has undergone infancy and adolescence stage. She is only awaiting the older age stage. Mirandas current stage brings about ambiguity in thinking.

Attachment theory explains that children develop a drive of forming attachments. It also indicates that parents should have the responsibility of providing protection and care for their children. Miranda feels isolated by her peers. She is unable to associate with them. This is because she has not been able to accomplish her college education, while her friends have completed it. She had also given birth and gained extra weight, and hence she looks older than her peers (Sudbery, 2009).

Mirandas parents have continued to provide her with the necessary parental care and support. Human growth and development is associated with many thoughts and feelings. If it is not handled with of the sufficient amount of care, then the possibility of stress is likely to be experienced. The feeling of getting back to college, marriage, friendship, and employment prompt flashbacks and reflects on individuals development.

Miranda has not met several development tasks. For instance, the stage of intimacy verses isolation. Miranda is not able to establish an intimate sexual relationship that may lead to marriage .This is because she is not secure in her identity. Miranda avoids commitment because of fear of losing her relationship identity. Hence, she feels lonely and isolated.

People whose development activities have been positive develop an ego of integrity. Such people are also ever willing to take up responsibility duties with ease (Kathleen & Thies, 2001). However, Mirandas development activities have not been successful. She feels insecure and lives with much regret. Erikson argues that it is never late when it comes to the development of personal positive integrity (Kathleen & Thies, 2001). Miranda hence can still take the responsibility upon herself with the assistance of her family members to develop positive integrity.

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Measures to Assist or Maintain an Individual's Effort to Accomplish Age-appropriate Task

Several measures should be put in place to enable an individual to accomplish age-appropriate task. An individual should be guided and counseled. He/she must also be able to accept his/her condition. People in close association with an individual should also accord him/her the necessary support.


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