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Hilda Polacheks Profile

Analysis Paper

Using Stories that Can Be Verified to Understand Hilda Polachek


Hilda Polacheks experience can be easily understood in line with several stories that can be verified. One of the most significant stories that could be used in understanding Polacheks experience is I Came a Stranger: The Story of a Hull-House Girl. This is vital in analyzing her experience in the Hull-House and the activities that she undertook while living there. Another vital verifiable story that leads to the understanding of her experience is The Walking Delegate, which entails an explanation of her life and her experiences in the new land. Moreover, the story Jane AddamsWILPF Chicago Branch could be effectively used in understanding Polacheks experiences while working together with other women to improve the society through civil activism. These verifiable stories play an instrumental role in the understanding of Polacheks experiences as an immigrant from Poland. Polacheks involvements brought out in the verifiable stories offer the opportunity for individuals to understand diverse matters that took place during the twentieth century, including gender reform, immigration, and the progressive reform.

It is worth acknowledging that the story I Came a Stranger: The Story of a Hull-House Girl is the most important in understanding the operation of the Hull-House. This novel is the key to evaluate the overall experiences at the Hull-House. It begins with Polacheks enrollment into the Hull-House English composition classes after being encouraged by Jane Addams. Brown and Shannon (2011) assert that this story carries the bulk of Polacheks experiences in the Hull-House, as it also highlights her volunteer activities. Therefore, the diverse information entailed in this piece of literature makes it the most vital verifiable story toward understanding the overall activities of the Hull-House.

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Using Unverifiable Stories to Write Hilda Polacheks Profile

Unverifiable stories could be effectively used to write Hilda Polacheks profile. To start with, unverifiable stories contribute to writing a reliable profile of Polachek through comparing their contents. It would be vital to study their contents and references to Polachek and her activities. After comparing their matters, I would base on them in writing a reliable profile that states some of the activities, in which Polachek participated. Additionally, I would use unverifiable stories in writing a reliable profile on Polachek after considering their consistency in the stories on the activities she was part of. Brown and Shannon (2011) opine that a high level of consistency in these narratives would give me the confidence to trust them as reliable. Thus, they may offer an effective opportunity to write a reliable profile of Hilda Polachek. Notably, consistency would also lead to a better understanding and construction of the Hilda Polacheks profile. I would also look at unverifiable stories that carry the bulk of information about Polachek. A reliable profile on Hilda Polachek would only emanate from unverifiable stories that contain wide information about her activities and mission in life. This information derives from unreliable sources that have an extensive explanation of her life and experiences. Lastly, I could use unverified stories to write a reliable profile on Polachek by observing their chronology. It would be easier to base on the unverified stories that explain Polacheks experiences in a logical and understand chronological manner. This will be vital in making the profile more consistent and reliable in the required manner. Overall, unverifiable stories could be utilized in writing a reliable profile, as long as they are effectively scrutinized for reliable information.

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Polacheks Identity

In the depiction of herself and her life, Polachek identifies more as a female. However, it is crucial to understand that she had other identities of a foreign immigrant, a Jew, and a member of the working class. However, her choice to overemphasize her identity as a female comes in line with the activities that were taking place during the 20th century. This emphasis explains her urge to participate in the Progressive Movement that aimed at improving the position of women in the society. She teamed up with other women such as Jane Addams to ensure that all citizens respect the dignity of women. According to Brown and Shannon (2011), her overemphasis on a female identity explains her passion in the fight against women discrimination in the society. She was committed to ensuring that women get empowerment and prosperity in the community as they wanted to be the full members of the society. She focused on establishing that women participate in the running of the country. This would only be possible to achieve if women participated in politics and took leadership positions in the country. This emphasis is also explains her active role as a civil activist. She was passionate about women liberation in the society. She wanted women appreciated in order to create a balanced society that respected the rights and freedoms of all individuals. Therefore, Polachek tends to overemphasize her identity as a female to highlight her passion for women recognition and equality. This indicates her commitment toward ensuring the prosperity of women in the United States through active participation in the leadership and self-reliance in their own country.


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