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Consumption Journal Analysis


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Consumption Journal Analysis

Daily purchases are greatly influenced by advertisements, which we see almost every day, for example, before a movie, in the middle of a TV movie or show, or on a web page. For some people, it is very difficult to accept the idea that advertisements can manipulate their choices; however, I truly believe that it is true. This week I have bought things half of which I needed, and the other half I have purchased under the influence of several factors. Here is the list of things that I have bought this week.

1. iPhone 5s Red Case. This purchase truly portrays my personality. In this case, I was rather influenced by personal factors. First, we all need telephone for communication with each other: with friends, relatives, colleagues or neighbors. Second, I have bought this item because in a week that is on 31th of January people will celebrate Chinese New Year. 2014 is the year of horse, and this is also my year. It is well known that the spirit of horse is bright, energetic, warm-hearted as well as intelligent. I bought red iPhone case because red is a symbol of good fortune and joy. Moreover, red is a symbolic color of happiness. This color is popular during Chinese New Year.

2. Hair clips. This purchase was rather a low price orientation purchase and simple to obtain as I bought them with the help of online recourses. Moreover, I should admit that online purchase greatly influences the choices of people. It manipulates the individuals needs as well as changes their lifestyle. That is why all advertisements, especially those with celebrities, have large impact on the level of online purchases.

3. Textbooks and online study program access, purchased with the aim of continuing my education. Here personal as well as psychological factors take place because I understand the need for continuing my education in order to obtain highly successful career in the future.

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4. Color protecting shampoo plus conditioner and spa hair mask. This purchase was influenced by personal factor as it concerns my wedding preparation process. However, advertisements have influenced my choice of shampoo. Moreover, Customer Review also influenced the purchase as with the help of reviews we can assure ourselves once more that the product is worth buying. In addition, a crucial factor for buying these products online were available sources and time as all of us are largely restricted by the time, for example, by education, family, or other social duties. That is why people have less available time for shopping.

5. Green tea. As I lead a healthy lifestyle, I realize that green tea is not just a tasty tea, but it is now considered the healthiest beverage as it helps reduce the risk of diabetes, makes a person smarter, improves cholesterol level, lowers the risk of cancer as well as prevents Parkinsons disease. Furthermore, it is useful for fat-burning and losing of weight.

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6. Book Digital Fortress by Den Brown. This purchase was influenced by a personal factor as I try to be a broad-minded person and read modern literature, which is well known to the whole world. After filming the books Angels and Demons as well as The Da Vinci Code, I become a huge fan of this author. I have a small collection of his books.

7. Cookware. As I am an environmentally friendly person and lead a healthy lifestyle, I prefer buying eco-products. Social factors, mainly family, influenced this purchase, as all members of my family prefer organic products and services. The impact of parents is the major one because the way parents assist their children to build political and religious beliefs, influences the childrens lifestyle choices as well as consumer preferences. As we know, most nonstick cookware contains fluorochemicals, which break down to form toxic fumes when overheated. That is why an organic cookware helps to avoid this problem.


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