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Infomercial Analysis


Running head: Infomercial Analysis

Infomercial Analysis 2

Infomercial Analysis




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Infomercial Analysis

Running Shoe Infomercial Asics

Part 1

The infomercial begins with the general information about Alisia Montano, who is acting throughout the whole infomercial. She is an Asics elite track athlete.

In this infomercial, she emphasizes on the benefits of the product and explains why she likes it.

First, Alisia Montano is tells that when she runs a track, she wears Asics sneakers; according to her, they keep her aligned due to the flex grooves with the movement of an overpronators subtalar joint, allowing feet to move naturally. In addition, she tells that it helps her to keep balance.

Second, Alisia explains that such shoes are really lightweight and it makes her feel very swift and really fast. Lightweight heel construction comfortably hugs the foot while minimizing structural weight. A firmer medial midsole creates a stabile and responsive ride while encouraging re-supination at toe-off.

Another benefit is that the 6mm heel drop reduces weight and encourages faster running. The midsole has a softer top layer that ensures cushioning and flexibility. Besides, it has a guidance line that increases gait efficiency.

The infomercial touches every possible beneficial feature that the mentioned product can bring to a potential customer. Alisia Montano shows how she works out in the shoes and provides some detailed information about them. Furthermore, additional pictures and brief information about special features of the shoes help clients to understand better the advantages of Asics footwear.

Part 2

According to Cialdini's Principles of Influence, this particular Asics infomercial includes:

Social Proof the infomercial shows that Alisia Montano, who is a prominent athlete, chooses Asics shoes for her sports activities. This fact enhances customers feeling of confidence in their quality and encourages them to buy the product. Thus, it is considered to be a social proof by a famous person.

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Liking people are more likely to buy something approved by those they like or from recommendations of reliable individuals. They like to associate themselves with distinguished personalities or to see some motivation in other people, especially the ones they adore or even worship. It simply makes clients feel encouragement, and makes them think that if they do or use the same thing the people they like do, they will resemble them.

Authority people feel duty or obligation to those who are in a position of authority. That is why Asics uses an eminent athlete in their commercial who can have more influence on potential client.

Scarcity things are more attractive when their availability is limited. Asics used special features that are not available in other kinds of shoes or models of shoes or even in shoes produced by other companies.

The information given in the infomercial encourages consumers to pay attention to everything that they may be looking for in the product or even to draw their attention to items they do not need in particular at the moment. When the pictures of the products advantages and innovations are shown, they can have a direct influence on the customers decision to buy shoes.

Cialdini's Principles of Influence presented in the Asics infomercial show us that the company decided to use a famous athlete to encourage and to motivate people to undertake sport and to utilize their gear. Alisia Montano, a person with good sport results, is their example and ideal

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Marketers avoided counter-argumentation by showing only good sides of the product of this particular company, not revealing any information about other companies, and not combining it with other companies production and innovations. They specified features they had in their product in a polite and in a not annoying way.


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