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Internet Article Analysis

Internet Article Analysis

During the past several years, the state of California has been facing the budget crisis, which led it to many issues in every area of an economy.


State court system is suffering from the budget cuts for a long time. The California State Courts serve over 38 million people. It is the biggest Court System in The United States, but also the one which deals with the largest budget cuts.

In the article "Drowning Californias State Court System" by David S. White (2013), author illustrates a significant problem of court system in California today. Moreover, it requires attention from public as well as government. The chosen article is a brief explanation of the situation which occurred with California's courts today.

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Mr. White (2013) starts from the historical overview of Los Angeles Superior Court system and points on main stages of its evolution. He was actually a witness of all the events, which had happened on the course of Californias Court system development. The aims to be achieved were almost fully implemented into the System. However, the beginning of the Great Recession in 2000s turned this process in the other way. Starting from that period the big budget cuts for California justice system became a constant thing. Fund support of the Court system in general has been reduced by 65 percent (White, 2013). Consequently a great number of Courthouses will have to close their doors completely while the other ones will continue serve the people in terms of limited staffing (White, 2013). Given situation create another problem for its development: the delays with civil cases, giving the priority in considering the criminal cases.

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Program was created for solving another issue - overcrowding courts, which help people with disputes to be resolved without a trial (Alternative Dispute Resolution, 2013). However, this Program was eliminated due to the budget crisis. Mr. White names this step illogical (White, 2013).

Having overcrowded courts and refusing using the program, which was directed to simplification and economization of the trial court system, was at least irrational. Authors conclusion in this situation is completely clear. According to the circumstances, it is senselessly to debate why it could be logically real. The main reason is the lack of money and thus inability to support California justice system.

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In this case, some suggestions for making the particular situation better are presented in the article. Californias lawyers and judges have received the urgent requests in order to help and support the courts system. The main idea is to stop devastating State justice system by the budget cuts and get trial courts funded in a proper way. The certain proposal was made: to spend 100 million dollars from surplus funds so as to fund the courts and let them accomplish completely their administrative role in the whole justice system (White, 2013). Although, the author claims that even the implementation of the abovementioned proposal cannot solve the other problems from previous budget cuts. At the same time, it could be a great start on the way to right changes.

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Analyzing the article, it is worth noting that the author is involved into describing situation, and is not just an apart observer. The suggested solution of using the surplus funds money to fulfill the courts budget might be arguable. 100 million dollars existence as a reserve, which might help to raise California justice system, is possible to doubt. The fact that states combined debt counts billions (Report: Californias Actual Debt At Least $848B; could Pass $1.1T., 2013) leaves no hope for making Mr. Whites suggestion a reality.

In view of the aforementioned, it is necessary to find solutions, which can restore the services provided by the courts for millions of California citizens. Problem solving might be achieved by restoration of courts funds, increasing of the court efficiency and reserving funds involved. However, this concept is a theory until there will be a real possibility to make suggested implements happen.


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