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Jetblue External Analysis

JetBlue External Analysis

Political/Legal Trends


Changes in government regulations may affect the operation of JetBlue (Lee & Worthington, 2014). In addition, the legislation can alter the conduct of the business. In case the government reviews employment rules on working hours, it may have an adverse impact on JetBlue. The performance of the latter can be affected by extremist assaults as ones experienced in 2001. The attack on America by terrorist groups resulted in a reduction of profit in the airline industry. The government regulates it through ensuring that the airlines have safety measures and procedures to protect the interest of their clients. Political and legal issues will have an enormous impact on JetBlue in the next 3 to 5 years (Min & Joo, 2016). There may be enhanced competition from new entrants and existing companies, such as Virgin Atlantic, caused by new regulations in international trade, and a change in the tax policy. Such issues as a war, outbreak of diseases like Ebola, and terrorism may also affect the operation of JetBlue.

Sociocultural Trends

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The perception of the quality of services offered by JetBlue by customers is a factor affecting the business greatly. Social changes occur when individuals in society bend their attitudes and their way of life. JetBlue should adjust its services to meet the respective social transformations. The firm should also act pursuant to its corporate social responsibility (Lee & Worthington, 2014). It should use eco-friendly fuels to reduce negative effects on the environment and pollution. The corporation should be aware that the public opinion is a significant factor influencing the performance of a business, and any scandal can damage organizations image. JetBlue should boost its image by hiring public relations professionals to defuse probable destructive issues. The company should focus on the increased entertainment level, greater customer alertness, high-security level, and efficient buyer services (Min & Joo, 2016). In the next five years, social factors will have the highest impact on the operation of the company. An increase in the demand for air travel creates preferences among clients. To have competitive advantage, the company should offer flexible and quality services.

Global Trends

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Globalization requires firms to improve their services to gain competitive benefit. JetBlue should uphold business ethics and focus on sustainability and continuous growth of the enterprise. It should restrain from conducting business in countries that have poor human rights records. Global trends have contributed to the growth of innovations. JetBlue should implement the latter to compete in the international market (Lee & Worthington, 2014). Communication with clients should intensify, and customers should have an opportunity to purchase tickets anywhere around the world. The company should use green technology to reduce an environmental impact. In the next four years, global trends may have less effect since it requires signing treaties among countries, which is not an easy thing.

Physical Environment Trends

According to Lee & Worthington (2014), the physical environment refers to tangible items and materials that surround the firm. Geographic settings that may have an impact on the operations of JetBlue include the weather, latitude, topography, time zones, and the distance to cover (Min & Joo, 2016). Heavy rains can cause delays and adjournment of flights. The trend can have an adverse impact on the company since business people may be forced to cancel appointments and scheduled meetings. In case there is an alteration of the weather in the next three to five years, it will result in massive losses to the enterprise.

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The airline industry is a chief contributor to the globalization of the economy since it links buyers and sellers. JetBlue operations break the barrier of distance and time. The company must prepare to curb the effect of the external environment to its business. By doing so, it can enjoy competitive advantage in the industry. In addition, it will be able to attract more clients since the number of leisure and business trips is expected to increase. Political and legal trends may have a substantial effect in the next five years. Lastly, the paper recommends that the company should not ignore any of the external issues in conducting business.


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