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Poem Analysis

Robert Frost, Edgar Allan Poe and Alfred Lord Tennyson created different but incredibly remarkable poems that capture the readers mind from the first lines, plunging them into the deep reality of the past. The poems After Apple Picking, Annabel Lee and The Lady of Shalott represent the opposite consideration of the world as for the inner thoughts of the poets. However, these literary works have one characteristic and common thing that unites them in drama, including the bitter feeling of regret, love and death.


There is nothing worse than human heartaches that make the persons mind suffer to the end of his life. In the poem After Apple Picking by Robert Frost, the main character has regrets about his deeds from the whole beginning of the plot saying And there is a barrel that I didnt fill/ Beside it, and there may be two or three/ Apples I did not pick upon some bough(Frost n.pag.). Apples are very important to him, and it seems that he even suffers due to those unpicked apples because they are an essential part of his sad life. Moreover, the reader notices that this person adores his apples and even sees unusual dreams connected with the existence of the huge amount of the loving apples. The words Essence of winter sleep is on the night/ The scent of apples: I am drowsing off (Frost n.pag.) reveal that all thoughts are totally directed to the careful conservation of the apples, which are so precious to his soul. He feels the fragrance of the apples and it, certainly, proves that he is not indifferent to the apples because they mean something more than just fruit.

Dreams often reflect spiritual sufferings, and people even do not suspect that this is a Gods endeavor to solve the existent problems. The author shows the dream with so many details to pay the readers attention to his current condition, saying For I have had too much/ Of apple-picking: I am overtired/ Of the great harvest I myself desired (Frost n.pag.). Perhaps, in this sleep, God fulfilled the characters dream, but it was merely impossible to bear so much harvest. However, even in the dream, the character tends not to allow the apples to fall down and, in such a way, the reader feels some sympathy to him. The desire appears to penetrate into the dream to help him carefully keep all those magnified apples in order. Cherish in hand, lift down, and not let fall (Frost n.pag.). These thoughts are the highest indications of moral and spiritual values; the author talks about such tender attitude towards apples like they are living creatures. Despite these inner sufferings, the author shows that the end is obvious, No matter if not bruised or spiked with stubble/ Went surely to the cider-apple heap/ As of no worth (Frost n.pag.).

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Love has no measures and it binds lovers hearts no matter whether they are alive or dead. In the poem Annabel Lee, Edgar Allan Poe created eternal love that would exist in the lovers mind forever. The story happened many years ago, and nobody could guess exactly when it happened. The author says And this maiden she lived with no other thought / Than to love and be loved by me (Poe n.pag.). These lines capture the readers mind, involving into the old and sad story of two people who loved each other so much as they merely could. The main characters are a young girl named Annabel Lee and a man represented as the author. That love began in the kingdom by the sea since childhood and meant something more than usual love, With a love that the winged seraphs of Heaven/ Coveted her and me (Poe n.pag.). These words emphasize that even angels can be envious if they see true love between people who live on the Earth. The author blames them and the wind that caused the death of beautiful Annabel Lee and made her beloved shut her up in a sepulchre (Poe n.pag.). The sufferings are so enormous that only a passing thought about their everlasting love gives the author some strength to repress the feelings of sorrow and sadness. However, the souls of the lovers will be together, and nobody can dissever them. As the poet says, My darling my life and my bride (Poe n.pag.), he shares all his sufferings with the attentive reader who, undoubtedly, feels sorry for this grief. Nobody can be indifferent to such unbelievable but miserable love.

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There is no chance to avoid fate. In The Lady of Shalott by Alfred Lord Tennyson, the poet described a beautiful young woman named Shalott who is forced to stay in a very sad place called Camelot. Shalott is not happy because she was cursed, and all her surroundings are grey according to the authors description of little breezes dusk and shiver (Lord Tennyson n.pag). Nobody could see this lady due to her curse; otherwise a disaster would happen. There is no possibility for her to enjoy the nature, and she weaves the magic web day and night not to look out of the window. Or when the moon was overhead/ Came two young lovers lately wed/ I am half sick of shadows, said / The Lady of Shalott (Lord Tennyson n.pag.). The only thing she can do is to observe how other people live their life because the reader understands that Shalott only exists. Moreover, fate decided to mock and played with the life of this lady, attracting her attention to the sir Lancelot that caused her death.

In conclusion, all these literary works include drama that represents such notions as sadness, love and death. The poets discovered these main themes in their own way, but the sense of significance and preciousness is not changeable. These subjects are eternal and will exist in the future poems as well.


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