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Moral issues: Equality and Diversity  

Introduction to Moral issues: Diversity and Equality

In the modern age, according to Hinman, there is a clashing of cultures which has led to decisions on how to deal with these conflicts from a moral point of view. Equality and diversity has become a contemporary moral issue in the society and it is of great importance that this issue is addressed from both moral and philosophical points of view. Equality is a concept that ensures that every individual or groups of individual are treated equally with no favor or preference on the basis of their needs including gender, race, disability, age, sexual orientation or even religion and belief. Equality should be promoted in the society so as to reduce discrimination and improve unity. Diversity on the other hand is a concept that recognizes and values the differences in people which make a contribution to the realization of their full potential. Diversity can be seen as an inclusive culture of all individuals in the society regardless of their sex, gender or any difference with others. 

Morality requires rationality and impartiality as well as an appropriate reasoning. This gives a suggestion that logic should be applied on making decisions regarding what is regarded as moral. To this end, the society should be able to distinguish issues such as gender orientation, race, and religious beliefs and therefore should distinguish the rights of women from men, blacks from white, homosexual and heterosexuals. The most important concept in morality in terms of equality and diversity is the appreciation of the dimensions within the society as well as the protection of the diverse culture. The main aim of this paper is to discuss the various implications of equality and diversity in the society with reference to morality and philosophy.


Diversity and Equality in the Society

Equality in terms of economic is a concept that is easily understood since it can be measured on the basis of wealth or asset inequality. As much as there can be a change in income, inequality of asset or wealth is a cumulative concept that is able to gauge how people are able to withstand adversity. Income inequality is not only affected by an income of an individual but also by their consumption and saving habits. This has an overall impact on their net asset for example savings being used in building of more wealth for future responsibilities or endeavors. It is of great significance to note that inequality in wealth is more profound than income inequality and therefore it captures the various habits of various groups in the society. 

Diversity in terms of economic has always been in existence with various groups having various practices in terms of culture, spending or even honor, which have in one way or the other contributed to the inequality in their economic bases. Differences in various groups have led to differences in wealth and income in various societies which can also be tied to regional variations. On the same note, cultural patterns have also had a great impact on the economic status of various groups including the wealth levels. For instance, factors related to culture have been given as a reason why the Jews have a higher income levels probably due to the spread of literacy in terms of reading Torah. The lower wealth levels in the society can be attributed to lifestyles which do not favor the explanations of structures in terms of work, productivity and economic planning. Most of the diverse groups with the low economic levels values more freedom and sociality while also rejecting authority and being resistance to working large organizations that has regular working hours and accumulation. 

Racism has also become an issue in terms of equality and diversity. It is a global problem which references to morality by mostly focusing on unequal rights of people in terms of their skin color and different origin. There has been a lot of advocacy on the equal treatment and acceptance of all people in terms of identity, color, culture and origin. This is to ensure equality of rights, access to resources and societal treatment that is experienced by everyone.  Equality and diversity in regards to racism has its benefits including equal rights, justice, a society free of stereotypes and an evolvement of a society that utilizes everyone’s abilities.  Humanity is the same, regardless of origin and therefore there should be no imposition of differences on the basis of the same. 

But there is also a notion and logic that backs the diversity of races in the society. This argument proposes that there is a necessity in giving tribute to inequality so as to balance morality in time while providing justice for the various races. On the same note, there is an argument that it is impossible for all the races to be given equal treatment and perception. This is backed by the logic that since moral equality refers to equal rights; it is acceptable for minority groups such as blacks to be given exceptional status for some time until they are perceived in the same level as the majority groups. On the same note, there is diversity in biological identity and therefore a specific race should not be limited but should be allowed to distinguish itself in the right and moral way.

Equality in terms of gender is also a contemporary societal issue that requires proper attention and address. In the modern age, there has been advocacy for equal rights for men and women with many believing that there should be no distinction on the basis of gender. It is not just morally wrong but also biologically impossible to eliminate the differences due to the diversity of needs and capabilities. With men being given more preference in terms of gender, it has become important that feminists ensure that men recognizes that women also have equal rights and opportunities to live and behave in the same way that they also do. It is only in such a society that all the possibilities that exist are utilized fully. 

But there are also arguments against gender equality mostly on the basis of the abilities of women. The argument proposes that women are not able to protect a country and therefore should not be part of national forces or should not be allowed to vote. But equality should only be granted in terms of equal rights and not obligations. . If women in their fight for equality reach the absolute, the rights and obligations of the two genders will be completely equal. That means that physically weak women will have to work at the same pace as strong ones do, or that emotionally different people will perform the types of work they may not be capable of. It is therefore important that the society ensures gender equality since both men and women have different abilities and should not be compared in terms of obligations. 


In conclusion, diversity and equality are contemporary issues which are applicable in all spheres of life. On a personal opinion, equality does not have top mean being completely the same with others and there can be a correlation and coexistence of these two concepts in the moral world. Therefore it is important to consider equality on the basis of space and time since there can be a variation of rights as a compensation for the position of a specific demographic group. Equality and diversity should be able to give opportunities to everyone without considering their background or demographic characteristics. In essence the society requires equality and diversity for prosperity.


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