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Political Parties Analysis

The History of Democratic and Republican Parties in Texas since 1845

Nowadays, many politicians support a common idea that the United States of America had two main political parties for a long period. These two parties are as follows: the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Since Texas gained independence in 1845, the political parties developed more in Texas than in the USA in the overall.


The Democratic Party was the first that managed to win the confidence of its citizens. Many studies have shown that the Democratic Party was supported the most by the young voters and by women and the least by the working class. The Democrats implemented laws and social programs in favor of African-Americans, citizens of Hispanic or Latino origin, and the poor. Consequently, these groups voted for the Democratic Party the most. Conservatives did not vote for this party and mostly started to give their votes for the Republicans. As a result, dominance of this party was lost in 1867, when Governor Elisha took the office instead of James Throckmorton (Miller and Perry).

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Nowadays, Texas is one of the strongest Republican states. The Republican Party was established in 1854. At that time, African Americans voted the most for this party, whereas citizens of Hispanic and Latino origin did not vote in favor of the Republicans. Furthermore, in the period of reconstruction, African Americans comprised ninety percent of membership of the Republican Party. This party was also supported by women and Germans at the period of its foundation. However, the period of the four-year administration of Edmund Davis can be considered as a collapse for the republicans. After the Civil War, this party became stronger. The period of realignment started for this party since 1978 (Miller and Perry).

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As a result, both political parties were dominant in different periods of time. The Democratic Party was the first that achieved the confidence of people in Texas. In the course of time, the Republicans held the power in Texas.


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