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Violence and Video Games

Video games are often associated with violence and carry pain and murder. Psychologists express concern about the psychological state of those, who are addicted to video games, particularly children. The problem of violence in video games is more than far-fetched. To avoid negative consequences of violence, parents should prevent their children from playing games that contain violence. This paper will investigate what violence in video games is. 

Nature of Video Games

The literature reveals that video games came into history in 1950 without aggression and violence. However, meanwhile, they acquired violent character. In the beginning, they were rather simple and did not gain much reputation. Only since 1970, video games became popular among public. Therefore, they turned into profitable business that gave high profits and considerable sales. Video games were introduced to the general public in the form of gaming consoles and home computers. Nowadays, great amounts of children find them the most attractive type of entertainment. However, most of them do not understand the negative impact of games that have a violent character. This fact worries parents, teachers, and others, who care about children’s psyche. According to my own observations, children, who play computer video games with violent scenes, become aggressive towards other people. Such videogames affect the young undeveloped brain and its further development.


Many studies assert that video games are a kind of entertainment that attracts not only children and adolescents but adults. Genres of games are their main direction. For example, the race, where the whole essence of the game is to control the machine, encourages a player to overtake rivals and come first. The purpose of action games is to destruct the enemies with firearms. Of course, if to compare these two genres in cruelty, the first is completely harmless, but the second one often includes violent scenes. According to Bushman, developers of computer games introduce game age ratings to protect small children from violent scenes. Ratings are determined by the cruelty of the game, and the most violent games can be played from 21 years old. These games can be violent in many different ways, such as obscene language. Moreover, the ratings with brutality in the game drop to 6 years of old.

Danger of Violence in Computer Games

Violence is a type of abuse of someone, who receives physical damage inflicted physical and moral pain.  In video games it is an urgent public problem. Violent visual information is dangerous for the brain because it remains and accumulates there. It happens due to the ability of the human brain to remember the most vivid and unusual information that does not happen every day. Admittedly, murder and death are unusual actions that leave a trace in the brain, especially in children. As a rule, children and adolescents do not notice what is happening inside them through the prism of consciousness, and they can do nothing with their minds. In my opinion, video games do not go unnoticed, leaving feelings and emotions. Therefore, the more negative is the game, the more negative emotions will remain in the mind.

Violence and Its Effects on Children’s Development

It is known that sometimes that a person sometimes makes a negative effect for the surrounding or any individual because of the games. Several similar cases reported about the offender committed crimes under the influence of GTA IV. Brutal games can be especially harmful for those who have deliberately weak psyche and a high sensibility of the received information. For instance, racing is not harmful, and, on the contrary, develops reaction and attentiveness. 

In scientific studies the word “video” and “violence” are interrelated. A great number of researchers have tried to determine what kind of video games lead to violence and which ones become a cause of violence, as well as what kind of people are prone to violence after the video game. According to a study conducted in the USA, nearly 80 percent of the video games that are mostly beloved by young people comprise different cruelty that gives easy access to violence in real life. 

The findings reveal that murder is the core action of computer games, and children start using such words as ‘I have killed’ or ‘kill me’ unconsciously.Many parents have noticed the increased level of aggression in their children is developed under the influence of computer games. Violence is common in many computer games and affects children from all socioeconomic groups and threatens their further development.

One of the most popular video games is “Grand Theft Auto 3”. The gist of it is to improve their status in a criminal organization, participating in various crimes, such as engaging in prostitution and murder. Every action has its consequences. If a player is in a stolen car, the police start to chase him. If he shoots one of them, the FBI starts to look for him. 

Consequences of Violent Computer Games

Often, players do not consider the consequences they lead to real life. The plot of computer games captures children’s attention, making them to feel stronger and experience strong emotions during the most exciting moments. Elements of violence seem ordinary things and not forbidden ones. For example, a player can break the law or kill people without any punishment. Finally, such behavior ruins children’s consciousness. Violent video games encourage players to act less likely than it is common in society, and do not coincide with ethical and legal standards.  Moreover, players become less compassionate and more aggressive to others. As a result, adolescents begin to experience conflicts with their parents and teachers that lead to more serious problems. 

Numerous accidents confirm this statement. Thus, for instance, a seventeen-year-old from Germany killed fifteen people from his father’s gun, and then committed suicide. Later, the police found a popular computer game Counter-Strike on his PC that has led him to cruelty. However, experts warned against stereotyping of computer games because many children, who play such games, do not express a violent behavior. Likely, it depends on one’s perception and psychological state. Hollingdale believes that the ability of children to apply violence to others depends on the type of personality, mental disorders, anxiety, and difficulties to express their feelings. 

Next, computer games stimulate the areas of brain responsible for pleasure that can be compared with drugs. Therefore, a computer game addiction may become a common thing among video games players. The research asserts that experiments provided at rats have shown that they feel rapid depletion due to the frequent press of the button. Furthermore, violent computer games affects child’s psyche because he is not able to evaluate virtual and real events. Usually, video games encourage players to survive, kill the opponents, or destroy property, and the achievements of these targets can be only possible through violence, use of weapons, and aggression. 


Video games were developed with the aim to entertain players. They differ in genres and ratings. Some of them contain cruelty and violence, while others develop good reaction. However, violence and video games are often interrelated. Depending on the type of one’s perception and psychological state, children may be affected in video games. Violence is dangerous in nature, and parents should control what games their children play.


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