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4 Reasons Why Women Roles Are Important for not only Men but Families Longer Life

The contemporary world has been instantly blamed in gender wars when patriarchy fights with feminism trying to find out whose stance in society life is stronger or better. The health-related battlefield has not been the exception. Even cancer and suicide as the common problems of both genders have a bitter taste of genderness. For instance, men are 3 to 7 times more likely to commit a suicide than women. While men experience the most frequent cancer-focused death from prostate cancer, they are also 2 times more likely to die from lung cancer as compared to women. “Lucky women!” you might think, though this gender race leads to nowhere, in fact. Men and women should not compete but understand they are a team in making their lives healthier and longer. This goal is at the focus of activities of the Movember Foundation, namely, helping men live healthier and longer lives. After a decade of struggle with prostate and testicular cancer and mental health issues, the charity has understood that gender matters: males are extremely vulnerable to these health concerns. At the same time, the foundation has realised that cannot handle the challenge alone: you, sensitive and kind representatives of tender gender, are the greatest potential contributors to improved men’s health and longer life. The four most evident reasons why you should empower your men are presented below.

Reason 1: Your Help for Men You Love and Care about

To start with, there should be no place for gender rivalry but mutual support when the issue concerns a person one loves, regardless whether it is a man or a woman. Indeed, when the problem, even potential one, targets a person you love or care about, no choice but rescue strategy is what should be sought foremost. Don’t you think? What issues about stepping aside can be there when a disease from the risk list can potentially target your son, brother, husband, farther or a cute neighbour who lives next door and smiles to you every morning?! Thus, it is up to you, Woman, take an action and keep his happy smile for long or keep living in nonparticipation. 


Reason 2: Your Authority Matters in Decision-Making

Probably, a concerned female reader might believe that a single woman can do nothing about the scale of the problem, but 1 is a warrior, for sure. Indeed, when just 1 woman in 1 family will do this magnificent step and encourage her men (even just 1) to think over his lifestyle and risks that persist for men’s health, 1 family will be saved already. Moreover, these family’s members will share these concerns with their friends and neighbours, and word of mouth will save the whole nation. Besides, woman’s awareness of the topic, caring role and supportive attitude will position a woman as undeniable authority in mutual decision-making for better health choices. Thus, female’s importance in solving men’s health issues is crucial from this standpoint as well.

Reason 3: Working Together Works!

In addition, women-enticed collaboration and shared experience is a great solution for reaching positive outcomes. Of course, if a woman takes a position of annoying a man to make a difference in his life because of possible men health threats, the strategy will collapse without even been implemented. Furthermore, such an approach will only make things worse. However, is a woman will be engaged in encouragement and co-work on lifestyle changes for both partners, the method will definitely work.  

Reason 4: Healthy Men Equals Healthy Women Equals Healthy Family

Finally, women’s introduction and facilitation of a change in men’s health derives a simple equation: a healthy man= a healthy woman= a healthy family. Undoubtedly, the transformation of your mindset regarding men’s health issues and further change in males’ ideas and attitudes on the topic are likely to improve communication, support and the level of trust and commitment for both parties. On the other hand, a high likelihood exists that men will give this care back and both of you will spread this transformational empowerment to the whole family, so mutually beneficial outcomes will be ensured. 

To sum up, not gender wars but your tender gender love will save men and our families and help them live healthy for long. Thus, dear readers, take a minute to visit our website and social media networks for more information and engagement in our collaborative effort. Women have the changing superpower for sure, so use it effectively to help your dear men and help yourself foremost!

Movember Foundation Engages Women in Helping Men to Live Healthier Lives

The Australian male population is extremely vulnerable to experiencing the premature death. The leading causes for such a phenomenon include prostate and testicular cancer, mental health problems, as well as suicide. Movember Foundation has more than a decade experience in assisting men in addressing this challenge. However, the strategy is incomplete without women, the closest and dearest men’s supporters. Undoubtedly, females’ involvement in encouraging the men to make healthier and longer life choices will be a great contribution to eliminate these complex problems and extend the length and quality of their lifespan.

The Scale of the Problem

  • Prostate cancer is the second most common type of cancer in men that kills approximately 35 men per hour in the world, and comprises 25% of cancer cases in Australia alone with around 13% deaths. This disease is the most prevalent for male after 40 and above
  • Testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer for Australian males under 40, with 1 in 20 men dying from the disease
  • Physical disease is the primary cause of mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression, which lead to the overall worsening of health
  • Men are from 3 to 7 times more likely to commit a suicide. Suicide is the most common cause of death among Australian males, especially under 40 years.

Not Men-only Problem

  • Entire families suffer when a man encounters any of these health issues, including financial burden and mental health issues
  • Men’s health problems can be the cause of divorce that is likely to result in traumas and long-term detrimental effects for all family members. The causes of diverse may involve (a) problems with communication (27%), loss of connection 21%, problems with finances as well as mental and physical health issues (4.7% for each), (c) alcohol and drug abuse (7.4%), and work\ time pressure (2.7%). These effects and root causes are likely to multiply in their devastating impacts on all family members due to health problems in men
  • Death of a close person also entails sufficient psychological trauma the effects of which last for long  

Movember’s Efforts

  • The foundation develops and implements health education campaigns for males and advocates for all males’ healthier and longer lives on the year-round basis
  • The charity develops a Movember donation campaign each November to raise funding for research, education and prevention programmes on testicular and prostate cancer as well as mental health issues for Australian men
  • Movember plans to reduce the male suicide rates by 25%, decrease of men deaths from prostate and testicular cancer by half by 2030

Women’s Input into the Comprehensive Change and Better Life for All 

  • Women can be effective healthy lifestyle advocates for men
  • Men trust women who are close to them as their mothers, wives, sisters, girlfriends, aunts and daughters
  • Female’s understanding, communication and support is the best healing to men as it is scientifically proved that men health problems are best treated when these are addressed together with women 
  • Women are in a position to persuade, encourage and empower men for living healthier lives in order to entice them to change their lifestyles for making healthier choices and living longer for the common good and mutual happiness
  • Women’s commitment and participation in the change process is a great contribution to a healthier lifestyle for all family members, thus, healthier family as a whole and community at large
  • Improved men-to-women communication and shared experiences will be facilitators of positive and supportive family environment  
  • Healthy and happy family life will be mutually beneficial for all family members: no disease’s impacts, healthier family climate, no divorces, no tears!

Thus, take your time to help the men you love and yourself side by side with Movember Foundation!


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