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Business Ethics

Business ethics involves the examination of ethical principles that occur in the business environment. Both internal and external stakeholders expect the business to uphold the required ethical standards in the course of its interactions and fulfillment of its objectives. Details >>

Logistics Essay

Despite the short-term fluctuations of the economy, the international trade continues to grow at a remarkable pace. One of the most significant trends of the XX century is the international expansion of industry. Currently, all large companies are significantly involved in... Details >>

Effective Leadership Essay

Though the concept of leadership has long been central to the management of private companies, public institutions have only started to incorporate it in their organizational culture. In criminal justice, the approach to leadership styles and strategies is also evolving. The sphere of criminal justice... Details >>

Economic Development Incentives

The need to strengthen the territorial focus in the implementation of economic reforms has become one of the main areas of promotion towards the democratization of society in the economic, cultural, political, and social aspects. At the same time, the allocation of rights should be in favor of.... Details >>

Starbucks and Social Media Concept

The Starbucks Tea, Coffee and Spice Company was established in 1971 in Seattle by three people, who had a great passion to a dark-roasted European type of coffee. The beginning was not promptly successful until an ambitious man called Harold Shiltz recognized the possibility of Starbucks to be... Details >>

Motivating Employees 

There are many debates about how to motivate the employees. Various experts suggest different ideas as they believe different things encourage people to work better. Details >>