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Woman In Advertising

Advertisement has been used as a weapon by various brands - both local and international - to gain popularity for their goods and services. Most of the advertisements have been shown on television since the majority of the population watches TV, and thus, has the opportunity to interact with these advertisements on a day-to-day basis. However, the brand has to pay a lot of money to secure time slots on television. Depending on the type of brand, women have played a significant role in advertisement as they are associated with success and breaking boundaries. Traditionally, women were associated with ads related to housekeeping such as advertisements for cleaning products and kitchen appliances among others. However, the advertising has taken more fields such us beauty and fashion industries as well as the tourism industry (Gibic, Natarajan & Sen, 2018)). It is notable that based on the product in the advertisement of which the woman is used, the female figure shows important information about the intended outcomes. Our business is an advertising company that empowers women through producing ads for companies that show different types of women being successful and breaking boundaries. The industrial and market analysis of this business will reveal an important fact about our advertisement company.


Industry Analysis

Advertising is a global industry that comprises marketing companies and media services, as well as public relations and advertising agencies. In this case, the marketing company we intend to build falls in this category. Advertisement industry includes both profit and nonprofit, private and public companies that have contributed to the promotion of different products and services through various media. There is more than 65000 advertising businesses in the United States that have shown progressive growth in terms of revenue and customers in recent years.

When it comes to the size of the advertising industry, the United States is considered the largest advertising market globally. In 2017, more than USD 197.47 billion was spent on advertisement in the United States alone (, 2018). China, which is the second largest advertisement industry in the world, spent 79.08 billion dollars during the 2017 fiscal year (, 2018). Based on the statistics, the market is projected to increase considerably in 2018 and even more in coming years as the United States advertising industry remains the largest in the world.

The media spending is the largest advertising platform in the United States that is expected to reach more than 207 billion U.S dollars in 2018. With television being the largest advertising media platform in the United States, many companies prefer to promote their products with television ads. The advertising revenue was forecast to grow from 75 billion U.S dollars in 2017 to approximately 82 billion during the 2020 fiscal year (, 2018). The advertising contents are displayed during the primetime when potential consumers can see the advertisement as they watch their favorite television shows.

The trends in advertisement in the United States have been associated with numerous changes based on the medium used and the type of content presented. Apart from television as a medium of advertisement, traditional media is still used in the United States to spread information about the existence of a product in the market and the reason to buy such products and services (, 2018). Inasmuch as they were the first to be used to promote products, their popularity has decreased over time as people try to find a medium that attracts many users. Some of the traditional media used in the United States are radio, magazines, outdoor advertising, and newspapers. The market shares of these media have decreased considerably as television is on demand in most markets. Another platform that has also been used in advertising is digital advertising. This is the latest approach that includes mobile advertising and is considered the most used type of advertisement (Evans, 2009; Wong et al., 2015). Most companies prefer advertising their products on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter that host many users at a time (Evans, 2009). Over five million users access these platforms in a day; thus, when advertisements are placed there, it will be easy to access the content of the ad within a wide market segment.

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Market Analysis

The company is an advertising company that uses women in producing ads for companies that show different types of women being successful and breaking boundaries. Unlike the stereotypes that disregarded women, the current environment recognizes women as powerful and capable of doing some of the jobs that were associated with men in the recent past. Women have been used by different brands in the hospitality industry as they are associated with hospitality. Most of the laundry products have women featured in their advertisements. Women have also been used to advertise beauty products since their beauty matches what is expected from the beauty products in question. Therefore, the company uses women to produce advertisement ads for other companies that match their businesses.

The company provides advertisement services to other companies. They use women to make their attractive ads that are then used to inform people about the availability of the products and the reasons why customers should prefer the products and services of a specific company over others (Deng, Gao &Vuppalapati, 2015). Since advertising has been associated with the success of a company, the services offered by our company will be highly valuable as different companies require contents that are able to attract customers to purchase the products. Moreover, a concentration on a specific type of service will enable our company to gain experience in designing posters for the intended companies so that they will be able to use them in advertisement for any medium they want (Lin, Paragas& Bautista, 2016). In addition, the fact that our company concentrates on women in advertisement is an added advantage, as most companies prefer using women to promote their products that are associated with high benefits. Therefore, our service is relevant in the market.

Our target customers are all companies in the United States that may want to increase their customer base through advertisement. Nearly all companies are involved in advertising in which they make their products and services available to the knowledge of customers (Soroa-Koury& Yang, 2010). Our company will have a large market segment ranging from small companies to large companies in need of high-quality ads that would attract their customers and potential customers who may be interested in their products and services (Muk& Chung, 2015). The market will also involve celebrity women who may want to be famous in a specific niche. Using these female celebrities in the ads will attract female customers to the products and services.

Therefore, advertisement has evolved from traditional media to current digital media where companies are using social network strategies to promote their products. Moreover, women have changed roles and have been used in advertisement to demonstrate their success and strength. Our company will use images of women to design ads for other companies for advertisement purposes. Thanks to the fact that the United States market is the biggest in the world when it comes to advertisement, our company will be able to have a wider market base.


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