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Motivating Employees

There are many debates about how to motivate the employees. Various experts suggest different ideas as they believe different things encourage people to work better. Some HR-professionals state that only money and increasing salaries motivate people to perform in a more productive way, so there is very little an HR-manager can do when the wages remain the same. However, this is a very narrow view on the problem as people are motivated by much more things than just wages. They do not simply care about filling their wallets because they look for fulfilling jobs which would help them grow as individuals and professionals. The ability to develop and learn as well as try new things and in a friendly environment are extremely important factors that motivate people proving that HRs have to be more creative when encouraging workers.


Motivating employees has been a debatable issue for a long time since different methods bring different results depending on the employees, the organizations they work for as well as many other different factors. That is the reason it has always been hard to determine the methods which never fail whenever there is a need to encourage the employees. As a result, many HR-managers started to believe that the money was a solution to all of the problems because it was enough to raise the wages to make the workers perform in a much better way. The believers of this approach has stated that people want to be motivated by the real thing; as they live in materialistic world and share materialistic values, they seek rewards for their hard work. Therefore, the higher the rewards, the better the work one performs. This approach has led HR-managers to think that increasing wages was the ultimate way to keep the morale high and receive good performance reviews, and the fear of losing one’s financial benefits or not getting new ones would make people accomplish their tasks as good as possible. Although this belief generally simplifies overall motivation issue, it also limits the possibilities of the HR. After all, it is not up to HR to determine the wages other people receive; so whenever he or she is unable to influence the worker’s wage, the HR is unable to achieve the set goals of motivating the individual. As a result, the professional fails, and so does the company. This example shows the limitations of believing that people are motivated only through monetary means.

Although finances do play a significant role for the workers, they are not the most important things that people care about; therefore, an individual can be motivated by many different things. People are looking for jobs which help them grow and improve their talents. They are not looking for a mere routine which does not provide them with any moral satisfaction or mental challenges; quite the opposite, they want to work at a place where they see that their talent is needed and can be improved. In case a person is very passionate about something, he or she would like to work in the sphere of one’s passion. In case the job provides the person with an opportunity to do so as well the ability to strengthen one’s talents and be free and creative, than, an individual may decide to take such a job instead of a better paid position. The ability to be creative and satisfied from completing one’s daily tasks is also a strong motivator because it enables the individuals to feel good about themselves. They feel like they are making a change while working for the company, and they see a bigger purpose in their work. As a result, they feel eager to come to work and devote their time and energy to their assignments because this way, they will be doing something that matters personally to them. One can approach any individual on the street and ask them whether they like their job and what is the favorite part of the work they do. It is easy to predict that motivated and satisfied workers would say that they love the opportunities and emotion they get while being at their working place, and that is something that keeps them energized and willing to work every day.

The motivated people may also add that they are eager to perform well at their work because they see that their work is recognized by their managers. It is extremely important to show people that their work is being noticed and highly valued by the upper management in order to keep them motivated. The recognition people get makes them feel appreciated and shows them that their effort matter and make a change. When the workers see that the managers actually listen and want to improve the working space or other things based on the employee’s recommendations, the worker then begins to feel much better about the job because he or she realizes one’s influence. Hence, it is extremely important to show to employees that work is about the people as they are the most important parts of the company. People like to be valued and appreciated, and as altruistic as they may be, they still want to receive recognition for what they do and see that it matters. The way the manager makes the employees feel is essential to motivate them because the people tend to respond to positive messages, and a kind word as well as support and comment from one’s supervisor may lead to amazing results in the working place.

The atmosphere and relations between the people can also serve as huge motivators for the employees. People like to be around people they like; it brings them the pleasure to spend time with other individuals who share the same interests and passions as they do. It is always very pleasant to be in the company of the people who understand the individual and can support and communicate with him or her freely. There is also a great sensation from feeling like a member of the team because then, the person realizes that one belongs to something very big and important, and he or she also feels like one matters to others and is included. Those feelings help to motivate the employees because they are determined to come to an office where they work with friends, and where they feel happy as they are in the healthy atmosphere. It is important to turn the work into a comfort zone so people want to go there and enjoy their time working. Whenever people view their jobs not as mere sources of income, but as places where they can truly enjoy themselves, communicate with interesting people, be recognized as well as improve their professional capacities and skills, they will be extremely motivated to keep the jobs and succeed in the tasks they are assigned. Even more, they may become much more enthusiastic and initiative which would be a positive change for the company.

Thus, whenever HRs ask how to motivate the people, they should think of the three way to keep the employees encouraged. They have to make the working place creative and fulfilling, make sure the employees are valued and appreciated, and create a healthy atmosphere among professionals. This way, it will be possible to create a strong team of motivated individuals who bring benefits to themselves and the entire organization. 



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