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Modern Technologies and Social Isolation

In the 21st century, people are less likely to give their preference to lifelong relations and are increasingly willing to be alone. The vast majority of them are young people between the age of 14 and 25. Typically, this is a temporary phenomenon that manifests itself at the level of emotions and Details >>

Violence in the Modern World

For a long time, aggression and violence have been occurring in human life. These phenomena are an indispensable attribute of the existence of a particular individual as well as the entire community. In other words, a single problematic component of aggression and violence always was... Details >>


According to Pitman, the author of the article ‘Your Attitude is the Reason You are Poor,’ there are many questions that can be derived from attitude, but in this paper I will narrow down to one question that states ‘does attitude determine how successful one can be?’ Details >>

Social Informatics Research Design

The research question in this study relates to social informatics in that it shall study the motives behind the use of ICT by a section of the society. Most researches have shown that teenagers use the social media than any other age group and that they spend much more time on social media. Details >>

Environmental Study

The human beings is considered creature who proclaimed its superiority over other species. The number of philosophical dogmas were written on this issue since Renaissance. All of them eulogized the humans’ achievements. Details >>

Personhood: Animal vs. Humanity Liberation

The argument over equating animals to humans rages with Kant, Norton-Smith, and Singer taking separate paths. While some authors such as Peter Singer support the personhood of animals, others such as Kant disagree with the concept. Details >>