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Supreme Court

This is considered a landmark case in the history of cases ever presented in the US Supreme Court. The most intriguing part was when the Supreme Court rendered section three of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) to be unconstitutional. They pointed out that it went against the basic principles of Equal Protection by giving an unjust treatment to marriages that were accorded equal status in the face of the state law in a different way under the federal law (McNamara, 2013) Details >>

Leadership Skills

Running Head: LEADERSHIP SKILLS FOR EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT 1. Case Study: Lawrence Weinbach From Unisys Corporation To Yankee Hill Capital Management. 2.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY...........................................................................3 Details >>

Leadership Paper

1. When we consider Sallys steps on her road to being an effective leader, we can see that self-awareness played a major role in this process, giving her motivation to start this enduring journey and later to realize her new role of a leader. At the beginning of the text, Sally is seen torn in half by two opposite desires: a wish to pursue a standard safe career of a scholar and a wish to break free from restrictions and pursue a freelance job of a writer (Northouse, 2012) Details >>

Techniques of Data Presentation

Data presentation could be done in many different ways. Many channels can be used to convey the information after data collection. The raw data is analyzed by the researcher, and numerous opinions from the targeted population are obtained this way Details >>

Oakland Raiders

Oakland Raiders is a name of a professional American football team from Oakland, California. In this part of case study, online marketing strategy will be developed. Email marketing strategy is often useful Details >>

Courage under Fire: Hough Thompson at My Lai

Running head: COURAGE UNDER FIRE: HOUGH THOMPSON AT MY LAI 1. Not everyone can be a good leader and still, people who are legally assigned to be the leaders can freely give bad orders for their subordinates to implement in real life. Such bad, although legitimate, orders make the followers who disobey them villains, whereas bad leaders are acquitted Details >>