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Grouplink in the Sweat Lodge

Groupthink is a psychological term, which denotes the priority of points of view of the most members of the group over a personal opinion of an individual. Social psychologist Irving Janis proposed such a term and described it as a psychological process which describes teams that put unanimous agreement ahead of reasoned problem solving (Johnson, 2012) Details >>

Human Resource And Industrial Relations Strategy

Human Resource and Industrial Relations Strategy 6. Can the company exist without human resource management? In my opinion, it is impossible. Deprived of it, complex enterprises tend to become chaotic in ways that threaten their very existence, because management is responsible for cooperation and coordination of the employees work and development of companys strategies for the present time and future Details >>

Toyota Company

Nowadays Toyota is releasing completely different products ranging from cars and robots to construction of luxury villas. This is a multifaceted company, known as the largest automaker in the world. Toyota came up with various concepts of management (for example, the system supplies "just in time" and Kaizen), which unfortunately failed to gain popularity in the world Details >>

Zappos Shoes

Nick Swinmurn has founded Zappos in 1999. The idea to do that came when he could not get a pair of brown Airwalks at the local shopping mall (Jacobs, 2009). During the same year, Nick approached Alfred Lin and Tony Hsieh with the thought of selling the shoes online Details >>

Resume Fraud

1. I think that Johann should not change any details in his resume in order to get this job. I agree with his suggestion that some of the criteria for this position are not a true reflection of ones ability Details >>

Scholarly Case Analysis

Modern human society is represented by very different people and groups of people with various backgrounds, life styles, habits, and types of communication. According to this fact, we can hardly disagree that often this pluralism is the primary reason of conflicts between those who study, work, or are involved into some other kind of social activities together Details >>