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According to Pitman, the author of the article ‘Your Attitude is the Reason You are Poor,’ there are many questions that can be derived from attitude, but in this paper I will narrow down to one question that states ‘does attitude determine how successful one can be?’ This is because I have seen a change of attitude towards a task helping so many entrepreneurs in achieving their goals than the ones that had negative attitude. The initial step in enjoying better life and success lies on change of attitude from the way one see things, interpret things to the way one deal with people. This means that one should be open-minded by looking at positive side of thing by searching and spinning on things as well as looking for the great things people can do instead of focusing on the negatives. By so doing, one can throw out all negative prejudice about people, events as well as a situation in life.  One needs to advise others to change their attitude towards positive thinking since it is a path to success. Positive thinking assists entrepreneurs to become more productive as well as successful since their attitude is positive. This assist them to visualize success, define goals clearly, build the strong social relationship and, as a result, it helps one to improve his positivity and attitude ratio. However, negative attitude sticks in mind longer and stronger than positive attitude especially where one involves emotions it requires three positive emotion for each negative emotion for one to be fine.

Fritz, the author of the ‘Power of A Positive Attitude Your Road To Success’ agree that change of attitude leads to planning ahead, encouraging others, appreciating what others do as well as being thorough and alert in all one undertake. This means no passing of judgment on other people decision or thinking that you know everything. The key that unlocks the power to success is the state of mind as much as talent and knowledge are concerned. When one change the attitude by thinking positively, the respect from other change and one become respectable. Eventually, the effects of change of attitude lead to success, as well-being and meaning fuel other successful outcomes than garnered by defensive pessimism. Attitude is very crucial for all entrepreneurs since it assist in building capital, big picture thinking as well as resilience. It is worth noting that resilience is an important emotion in life of a professional particularly when it comes starting up of a business with high likelihood of failure. However, positive thinking gives the difference between the entrepreneur who stay down for the count and the one who starts all over again. With positive emotions one can easily speed up the recovery from negative emotions. For instance, if one is able to self generate a positive perspective or emotion, it assist one bounce back when faces with obstacles.


Attitude is everything for success as authored by Harrell agrees that everyone is capable of achieving the desired success by use of the right attitude. To achieve what one truly desires in life begins with espousing a winning attitude. Moreover, the desire to accomplish all the set goals, it is crucial to channel all the thoughts and attitude positively, to use empowering language and capitalize in taking action. Attitude also determines the quality of life one lead.  To maintain the right attitude, one need to celebrate ever victory as one make each victory special since it is a living proof that one can accomplish others successfully. This can be supported by a quote from Harrell that achievement starts when one knows that the present place in life does not determine how far one can go. The only purpose it serves is to remind one where one started. One starts by telling the subconscious mind that one is ready to see change unfold. The subconscious mind will respond to the new attitude by assisting one to improve the life. It will also guide one to positive situations and how to create the life that one want. This is because good things are likely to happen to those with the positive attitude as opposed to those with a negative one. Having known that, it is, therefore, important to focus on positive attitude and one will attract positive situations. Additionally, feeding one subconscious mind with positive messages creates empowering beliefs that assist in launching success and happiness.

According to James, the author of ‘Here is How Attitude Affects Your Success’ argues that as much as everyone desire to be successful, achieving greater heights require one to do the extraordinary thing with the right attitude. For instance, one is judged by the attitude and defined by how they react towards situations, things and people. This can be seen in case one takes situations negatively and have no positive attitude; he or she cannot stand during bad times. However, it is not that all people with right and positive attitude constantly gain success. Some of them are faced with obstacles but their perception towards obstacles that makes the difference. For instance, a person with the right mindset and positive attitude looks at obstacles as challenges that give him determination and strength to overcome the barriers as well as achieving success. 

Different authors have a different perspective toward attitude and success. Attitude affect one action that in turn determine the accomplishment of goals. This is unlike who believes that besides right and positive attitude one perception of a thing is important in achieving goals, therefore, becoming successful. For instance, it is not that a person with the wrong attitude does not achieve success nevertheless, it is the attitude that makes the success short-lived, or one may become exhausted along the way. Keller also urges that a positive attitude is a person’s passport for a better tomorrow. Thus, it is crucial to think, speak and act on one's goals with a positive attitude to achieve one success. Pitman stated that if one start a positive habit and get the positive effect upon one's health and positive outcomes, the brain is willing to make use of resources so as to continue that behavior as well as scan for new habits. Harrell states that the right words each day assist in keeping failure away. This shows that right attitude is a whole discipline centered around the learning of positivity and the results on productivity success and well-being 

In conclusion, it is true that attitude can determine how successful one can become since it is the key that unlocks the power to success besides knowledge and talent. Moreover, the effects of change of attitude lead to success, as well-being and meaning fuel other successful outcomes than garnered by defensive pessimism. Besides having right and positive attitude, right perception assist people overcome obstacles.


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