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Community Analysis

Community Analysis: African-American Community

Personally, I originate from the Black-American community. The community is located at Montana State. This location is somehow rural in nature given that my home community is situated along a smaller town. The population density of the African-American community in Montana stands at 2,128 people (StateMaster.Com, n.d.).


With the aforementioned density of the population, the African-American community in Montana is considered to be spread-out within the state. It is challenging to locate the community as it forms the minority of the town. Mostly, the African-American community is mostly lowly-placed amongst the social classes. However, there are those who have made it reach to the elite class, and they live separately in the different suburbs of the town.

The slight difference in a social class amongst the Africa-American community is associated with the accessibility to education of some of the subjects.

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The African-American community in Montana lives in slightly old homes. They are not well-kept thus are accident-prone due to the different destructive natural disasters like the immense winds. Since most of the members live within the outskirts of the town, they live in the rented apartments. They are mostly run-down given that they pay less rent rate for such homes altogether. The dwellings are cramped and situated in isolation from one another. Given that they are located within the outskirts of the rather small town, there are no spacious yards.

In my opinion, the rather small population of the community within the small town is an indication of enough housing facilities. However, single families have more people in terms of extended relatives and siblings leading to overcrowding. The World Health Organization statics encourages having one home for about 5 people. For this case, the single families should access larger homes with spacious territory in order to live comfortably.

Available Resources and Physical Environment

There are numerous public-owned hospitals that serve the majority of the people within the town. Additionally, there are also private hospitals, which provide health services for the elite class of the town. There are also public recreational parks which is accessible for everyone. The police and fire protection units within the town are efficient and accessible. This is depicted by the numerous sub-branches derived from the main center that provide readily-available services in emergencies. The police units are effective in their undertakings given the smaller density of the town.

The level of social programs within the town is well-placed and functions effectively. For instance, the Montana Basic Medicaid Programs incorporate the Nurse First Disease Management PAHP which provides disease management services to both children and adults with numerous disability challenges. Montana HCBS Waiver Programs are another programs within the town that provide educational waivers to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities so that they can live in their own homes instead of learning institutions (The Arc, 2012).

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Both the garbage collection and shopping centers are accessible to the entire population. This is depicted by the rather clean environment within and outside the town. The town has a designated area for garbage collection. Shops are also well-distributed within the town. There are also centers where battered women can access shelter services and food pantries. Moreover, these centers provide counseling services. However, most of the counseling services are provided by the public officials at a smaller rate.

There are numerous religious institutions as well as churches within the town. The African-American community within the town pursues Christianity as their spiritual alignment.


The education system in my community is fairly good. This is depicted by the increase in the number of Blacks enrolling in both primary and tertiary institutions to receive knowledge. In comparison to other neighboring communities, it is fair to indicate that the education system has declined in respect to the enrollment. The state boosts the University of Montana which provides different majors as social work degrees (University of Montana, n.d.).

In respect to political affiliations, the Montana African-American people are mostly democrats and they exercise their rights to vote meticulously. However, there are few African-Americans that are included in the governance of the entire town given that the Congress and other key government officials are non-inclusive of the community.

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My community is organized and cares for its well-being. The one thing I want to emphasize about my community is the hospitality that people direct towards the strangers. I have a happy life given that I learnt to be humble in life as the social norms and virtues taught us while we were young.

The key strength of the community lies in its capacity to show hospitality to each other and everyone irrespective of their races. This strength is brought about by the different societal virtues instilled amongst the children. However, the community suffers from various conflicts, which are alienated from the different perspectives such as culture and cultural lags amongst the people. The competition level for resources within the town is also a limiting factor for the entire community, which is also the source of conflicts.


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