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Leadership Paper

Leadership Paper

1. When we consider Sallys steps on her road to being an effective leader, we can see that self-awareness played a major role in this process, giving her motivation to start this enduring journey and later to realize her new role of a leader. At the beginning of the text, Sally is seen torn in half by two opposite desires: a wish to pursue a standard safe career of a scholar and a wish to break free from restrictions and pursue a freelance job of a writer (Northouse, 2012). At the moment of fully understanding her desires, Sally realizes that her temperament longs more for freedom and independence. At this point, Sally started becoming a leader on her own. At a later moment in her life, after she has already achieved success and started spreading her views among others, she questions her leadership skills and doubts whether or not she has the necessary skills and knowledge to guide others. At this moment of doubt, Sally understands who she is she is not a specialist on the theory in the field, but rather a skilled observer of the current issues. Her self-awareness, her understanding who she is, helps her realize her authenticity, trust her writers skills and become an authentic leader.


2. Sally can be considered as an authentic leader, who has developed leadership skills from a passion to write a book to full confidence in who she is and what she does. Firstly, she has a strong resilient temperament. She made great efforts to write her first book, she spent lots of time and money on it, living for a year in her car or with some friends to gather information about Texas to complete her book. When the book was published, it was not recognized, it was not successful, but Sally did not give up (Northouse, 2012). What happened further was completely the opposite, she became even more confident in herself and more convinced that she is a true writer. This failure motivated her to pursue her writing career even more enthusiastically. Secondly, she is very realistic about her life. She understood that taking on a freelance job was risky, but despite the difficulties it might involve, she decided to take a try. She also understood that she is not a specialist in the sphere of organizational life, she did not have much theoretical knowledge in this field, and she was just an observer of the issues. Understanding this, she presented herself for what she really was, not trying to ascribe herself qualities, which she does not possess. This is important, because she can adequately assess the situation and act accordingly. She also possess other qualities, which are essential for being an authentic leader, that is passion in achieving her goals, responsibility for others and self-discipline in intently making her way towards her goal. She learned these skills in pursuing her aim, developing herself. All these qualities combined in Sallys temperament made her an authentic leader.

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3. The moment when Sally takes on the mantle of leadership is very important, as this marks the instant in which she becomes a true leader, understanding her responsibility as a person who leads others. Without this acceptance, a person can hardly be called a leader. It is essential to the social role of the leader to understand that at a certain point of his/ her activity he/ she takes not only the responsibility for himself/ herself, but to a certain degree for others too, only people who are aware of this and accept it can be leaders. By definition, a leader is a person who guides others towards a common goal, without the followers a person is not a leader. Such people have no compassion and understanding of others, which is essential for being an authentic leader, who understands his/ her responsibility for others and is not afraid of it, but takes this responsibility willingly. At a certain moment, each leader comes to a point when he/ she understands his/ her role as a leader and all what this role implies. This understanding can be provoked by some crisis in the group or just inner doubts, but only a flawless leader can come through a life, fulfilling his duties as a leader without actually noticing it. Moreover, it is known that no one is perfect, there are points when leadership of a person is questioned; at this point a leader fully understands his role and with passion and resilience proves it.

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I am a 22 year old full time student. Besides studying, I have a part time job at an optometry store where I work during the weekends. Despite my young age, I am married. Among the things I like are shopping, traveling, watching movies and having adventures. I find myself quite good at sales. I am willing to talk to customers and help them in any possible way. I focus my life on two things: making money and taking care of my family. Though these are two a bit opposite goals, however, I hope at succeeding in both.

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I enjoy my job, but in the future I plan on opening my own business. The status of an employee enables me to see from the inside how a store operates, what should be taken into account, what possible issues might arise; generally, it lets me see how the business operates and the important issues it includes. I find that my important positive qualities are the experience I am gaining at my job combined with my enthusiasm and willingness to be my own boss and gain professional development.

The reason why I want to open my own business is because I feel that the status of an employee hinders my professional development to a certain degree. Being my own boss will put much responsibility on me, as I will have to take care of absolutely everything, but it will also let me use my potential to the full. Being a student, I do not yet have sufficient time and resources for my own business, but what I learn will surely help me in my future career. In my opinion, being an employee really puts restrictions on my professional development. I do not want to work under someone for a long time, but for the time being it lets me earn some money while studying and get the idea of what business really is. Having a part-time job, I am able to communicate with customers and gain experience, which I hope to use in my own future business.


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