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Oakland Raiders

Oakland Raiders

Oakland Raiders is a name of a professional American football team from Oakland, California. In this part of case study, online marketing strategy will be developed.


Email marketing strategy is often useful. In emails, Oakland Raiders can inform about play-offs or other events. Oakland Raiders can follow some recommendations to make email marketing strategy effective. Receiving permission is an important task. It can be received from recipients preferably via double opt-in. Creating one-to-one marketing is also important. It is necessary to create a dialogue between customers and Oakland Raiders. The wants and needs of customers should be studied well before starting sending emails. Personalization is good since customers like when their names are used in emails. It is wise to choose the proper time for emailing. People usually do not read messages received during weekends and holidays. It is important to write a message subject wisely. Recipients will be more likely to open and read it. A message should contain a clear call to action. Recipients should understand easily what to do, for example, visit the nearest play-off. In addition, Oakland Raiders should not be afraid of testing different email marketing strategies. Then, it will be easier to choose the most effective one and continue using it (Nine Strategies for Smart Email Marketing).

Mobile marketing strategy can be also useful for Oakland Raiders. It is becoming more and more popular in the modern world because more and more people use mobile phones. Oakland Raiders can implement some strategies to make their mobile marketing strategy successful. First, location-based advertisement can be implemented. It is useful to know where the potential consumers live. It is wiser to send advertisements to local people than to people from other cities or states. Consumer loyalty can also be created through mobile marketing. For example, if the consumer has already bought tickets several times, some discounts or other offers can be proposed him/her for the next purchases. In this case, personalization is also important. Mark Tack, vice president of marketing at Vibes, Chicago, recently stated that: When marketers deliver personalized and targeted content to their customers, it will ensure the highest chance of engagement, transaction and loyalty, and a far more valuable brand experience (Cohen).

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Podcast strategy can be also used effectively to attract consumers. This strategy becomes more and more popular. People download radio shows to listen to them in a car or at home. Actually, podcasts are not beneficial for all businesses. Not all people like podcasts and listen to them. However, they are good for a sport team. Therefore, people who like sport events usually listen to sport news and other programs over the radio. Therefore, they will be more likely to download podcasts and listen to them. Podcasting will be efficient not for all customers, but for stable customers who really like podcasts. Moreover, podcasts include only sound, no images. However, it is not a problem for sports where enthusiasm and team spirit are essential. They can be represented without pictures. It is necessary to mention that podcasting has some important benefits. It is quite cheap and does not require special resources. It does not cost much to create a podcast. All that Oakland Raiders team needs is to represent itself well in the podcast. Many companies and teams were successful in podcasting (Hanley).

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Oakland Raiders can also create online communities and blogs. It will help to attract new customers and promote teams events. About 72% of consumers say that they trust online communities and blogs as much as personal recommendations. Developing a powerful online community provides you with the perfect platform to both promote and engage with your customers, providing significant benefits for your business (Inbound Marketing Agents). Online communities may not offer the product or service directly. However, they inform about them and allow personal opinions and discussions. Therefore, customers are attracted if the opinions are positive. In addition, online questions and advices are possible in blogs and communities. Usually, consumers become more interested in a product or event if they can receive all the necessary information and answers for all questions. Nevertheless, there are some recommendations for Oakland Raiders how to make online communities more effective. First, content should be rich. It will make the blog or community more interesting for consumers. Second, content should be always fresh. It is important to post news and reviews, and to answer the questions regularly. The consumers will be confident that the team is interested in them (Inbound Marketing Agents).

Social media marketing is becoming more and more widespread in our days. Therefore, Oakland Raiders can use it too. It is positive that most sport fans are young people because young people are more likely to use social networks regularly. Oakland Raiders can use social networking in order to popularize the team and brand, inform about future sport events including play-offs, study the consumer opinion about past events, attract more visitors and consumers, and build stronger relationships with the existing ones. Social media can have many advantages for Oakland Raiders. Many people all over the world use it, therefore, the team can inform about itself globally. Moreover, social media allows targeting particular groups of people. Oakland Raiders can target, for example, American football fans from California. A considerable benefit is that social media is free. Sometimes, there can be paid options, but they are usually cheap. Through social media, Oakland Raiders can communicate with fans and consumers directly. It is positive if they want to study consumers opinions and wishes. Moreover, social media marketing is convenient. It does not require special software and knowledge. However, Oakland Raiders can face some challenges in social media. Desired results and returns are not guaranteed. Moreover, people share information free through social networks. Therefore, negative information about Oakland Raiders, if it exists, can appear there (Using Social Media to Market your Business: The Basics).

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SEO can be significant for Oakland Raiders marketing strategy. More and more people surf the Internet, and more and more websites appear every day. Therefore, Oakland Raiders team needs to maximize its search engine presence in order to remain successful. Website can be redesigned. Download speed can be diminished, and some elements like Meta data, XML site maps, and canonical tabs updated. It is also important to optimize content. A good website should be relevant, unique, and engaging. Such website will be found more easily and will attract more visitors (Fusco).

Oakland Raiders is quite successful and famous team. Nevertheless, it needs some marketing strategies to improve its state. An important element is online marketing because it is very popular and useful in modern world. Some strategies of online marketing can be recommended for Oakland Raiders. They can refer to email marketing, mobile marketing, podcasting, creating and developing online communities, using social networks and SEO.


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