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Violence is a worldwide phenomenon and there are many people who have had their experience with violence whether it is self-inflicted or collective violence. Violence has for sometime been one of the leading causes of death. Statistics have shown that for the deaths of individuals aged between 15-44 years 21% are caused by violence related scenarios. While these deaths are caused by violence they do not necessarily mean that there was a weapon related about 75% percent of the deaths happen outside the armed conflicts. Violence can be defined in many ways due to the fact that many people have a different understanding of what it means. Even though, there has not been a precise definition of the phenomenon known as violence, it becomes imperative that people find a common definition so as to ensure that preventive measures are put to work to stop the violence. This paper will attempt to analyze violence and see how it is related to the health issues of individuals.   


Violence can be defined as the act of intentionally using physical force against someone. This may also involve the act of threatening someone to use the physical force. If the physical force threatened to be used or actually used may result into injury, death and emotional harm then it is considered violence. When someone thinks of the issue of violence, the first thing that comes to mind is the issue of security. However, the phenomenon of violence has also spread to other factors like health. Violence has become a public health matter and experts have been in the race to ensure that they come up with a solution for this problem. From research that has been done, it is clear that when an individual is exposed to violence, there is a high likelihood that they will portray violent behavior themselves. This, therefore, shows that violence spreads like a disease it can be viewed like an epidemic and this is among the factors that make it a health issue. From research it has been clear that the characteristics of violence are like those of an epidemic disease.


Violence is also considered as a health issue due to the fact that it is the leading cause of deaths at this time globally. Whether it is sexual violence, physical violence, or even psychological violence, from research carried out it is also clear that violence causes many injuries it is just like a disease therefore it can be viewed as a health epidemic. These are some of the reasons as to why many governments have allocated a lot of resources to ensuring that violence is eradicated. The World Health Organization has also branded violence as a public health issue. The fact that violence has also been on the rise as time goes by has also made it be branded as a series health problem. This is why many governments have decided to ensure that they set up measures that they can use to ensure that the perpetrators of violence are caught and locked up.

Due to the recent increase in physical violence in schools as well as communities like bombings and even school shootings there has been an effect to how the issue violence has been addressed.  There has been introduction of programs in the kindergarten, elementary and high school that are aimed at teaching the children how to react in case of an eruption of violence. There has also been a high alert in school and in the community on any signs of violent behavior. This means that there has been increased surveillance in schools and even in the communities. The fact that increased exposure to violence also leads to violent behavior has led the media to rate the programs that are being shown on air as either adult programs or programs that can be watched by children. This is in an effort to ensure that the children are not exposed to violence at a young age. The media has also been document the high risk areas that violence is bound to take place this in turn ensures that the government as well as the people are on high alert in the areas that are documented so as to ensure that the violence is reduced. 

In my line of work, it is very easy to explore the phenomenon of violence since most of the victims of violence are brought to the hospital and as a nurse I get to interact with them and learn the cause of the injuries. In the cause of the personal safety including injuries and long term health issues it is very easy to explore since I can be able to interact with the people who get injuries die to careless behavior and learn whether there is a trend in the behavior while at the same time devising a plan that can be used to ensure that the problem is resolved. In the case of violence, it is highly important that I socialize with the victims of domestic violence and this will enable me to get the women that are victims to tell me how their partners were reacting before they decided to beat them up. This will in turn be helpful since I will be able to compare the results from different women and get the common characteristics that can be an alarm for women to leave or protect themselves by calling the police so as not to be injured or worse killed.

The biggest influence in my health has been personal safety. This is because I tend to ignore the basic guidelines in ensuring that I keep fit and have a healthy life. One of the guidelines that I normally violate is issue of working out. The importance of working out cannot be substituted by anything else when it comes to an individual’s health. However, I rarely visit the gym or tale time to run and this can be very dangerous since there are many issues that can affect a person’s health if they do not keep fit. It is also very important that in the attempt of personal safety, one avoids fatty foods and junk foods and sticks to eating healthy food like vegetables and fruits. However, in my case I am addicted to junk food, and even though, I know the consequences of eating the junk food, I have not been able to stop eating the junk food. This is also a personal safety issue that I have had problems with, and it has effect on my personal health.


Violence is a global epidemic that has caused lot of people problems. It has been the number one caused for deaths as well as injuries. It is a health issue since it spreads like a disease. This factor has made researchers to classify it as an epidemic. There are many steps that have been taken to ensure that the phenomenon of violence has been reduced globally. One of the steps is increased surveillance so as to ensure that the alert is high for any cases of violence that may come up. In order to ensure that violence is not spread it should not be exposed to people since exposure is the reason as to why the violence spreads faster.


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