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Reincarnation and Religion

The notion of reincarnation offers the most appealing explanation of the human origin and fate. On the one hand, it appears to be a source of liberation and comfort while, on the other hand, ensures people that they have a possibility to obtain... Details >>

Stars, Black Holes, and Galaxies

Stars, black holes, and galaxies are objects or systems that are found as part of the solar system or the universe. They were formed at different points in history and as a result of varying processes. The formation of the stars precedes that of the black holes... Details >>

Banning Plastic Use

Plastics are materials manufactured through the use of either synthetic or semi-synthetic material. Plastics can be molded into various shapes and sizes for different purposes. The main types of plastics manufactured and used across the world are thermoplastics and thermosets... Details >>

Development of the Episodic Memory from Toddler to Childhood

Memory plays an essential role in all human activities. It is a significant element in the formation and development of a personality, representing a direct link with the past and a collection of general knowledge. Therefore, the memory is one of the most substantial... Details >>

Unemployment in the USA

Because the unemployed workforce represents a so-called wasted potential production within economies of the USA, unemployment should be viewed as a significant concern within the sphere macroeconomics. Moreover, unemployment may be viewed... Details >>

Smart Cards

Smart cards are inevitable part of modern life. Initially, they were used to keep money and to pay for telephone calls, transportation costs, copying in libraries, etc. Recently, the use of smart cards has significantly increased, primarily due to the usage of microprocessors Details >>