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Globalization and Education in UAE


Globalization is a process, where people from different societies and countries network through trade, technology, investment and social media. Globalization some effect to the culture, politics, environment, and the economy of any country. The fast growing economy in UAE and dependence on foreign laborer has made foreigners be more than the UAE nationals. This has resulted in employment problems for the UAE nationals and increasing health issues due to Western cultural lifestyle. This has brought to light the serious problems within the government education system which reflect situations felt by other developing world. The student was expected to be through with the compulsory education system at the age of eighteen years.


At first, children went through kindergarten level went at the age of between four to five year where he later joined the primary school for six years. After going through the primary school, he was left to decide whether to join technical education or an academic education for six years. Improvement on kindergarten education system and increased number of universities and colleges have given UAE with a rigid education system. The firm education system has contributed to the present gradual development and the future growth of United Arab Emirates. The education system in UAE has also resulted to globalization since the advancement in the education system has attracted more people globally to study in UAE.


Globalization of higher education

The globalization of higher education is unavoidable because of the nature of UAE economy, population, and labor market. Traditionally people used to cultivate, fishing, and nomadic animal farming. But, at the middle of 20th century, the discovery of oil accelerated economic development and industrial development. From that moment UAE became a place for worldwide business and industries. The development in industries called for the need of highly qualified personnel to work in the industries. Another reason for the globalization of higher education was less population who were acquitted with poor higher education who could not be able to meet the high demand of fast growing industrial economy. Globalization is needed in the tertiary education to meet the need of the children of the foreigner's workforce in the country since they do not have access to federal schools. 

The UAE highly depend on foreign labor which is not enough for it sustainable development. Education reforms are crucial for UAE so as to produce a skilled workforce and sustainable development whereby globalization of the higher education is a good strategy. UAE government came up with strategies to produce graduates who are fit for the globalized labor market. The emirate students used to go abroad for higher studies before the establishment of UAE University. 

Positive effects of globalization of education in UAE

Improvements on content and delivery programs

Globalization plays an important role in the improvement of content and delivery of education.  UAE knows how important it is to have a worldwide competent labor force. Earlier before the establishment of UAE University student were sent abroad to get the higher education. Another strategy used was developing a curriculum, content, and delivery system same as the one used abroad. The private Universities in UAE are also focused on developing competent graduates. Most of the universities in the country have also introduced a method, infusion approach, that help to produce globally competitive graduates without necessarily going abroad.

Collaboration between universities

Globalization of higher education helps in academic exchange and cooperation between universities from different countries. Most of the universities in the UAE has cooperated with different universities worldwide which have brought a lot of benefits to the education system. The interaction between federal universities and other foreign universities is very important since it helps in sharing of ideas, enhance quality and introduce new technology and methods in their education system.

Globalization of higher education is brought about capacity building in higher education system. Globalization of higher education plays a crucial role in the development of research center and enhance skills of researchers for sustainable growth. 

Educational and learner mobility

The most remarkable benefit of the globalization of higher education in UAE is that academic staff can move from one nation to another (mobility). In UAE there is a shortage of academic staff who can teach in all areas. The mobility of the staff helps in ensuring that the higher education has enough teaching staff.

Source of revenue

The globalization of higher education is seen as a source of revenue. The private universities and foreign providers are profit making institutions. The foreigner's children have no access to federal school, and they, therefore, end up in private universities where they pay a huge amount of money. 

Merits of globalization

Globalization has come along with real estate businesses and manufacturing development. It has also brought a great improvement in the economy of UAE. Technology is also a factor that has resulted in the integration of the economy.

Globalization has also brought improvement in trade among countries since different countries can conduct trade without being highly taxed. Due to the reduction in taxation countries such as UAE can acquire things from other countries which would have been expensive producing them locally. Through various trade, products have become available in the market, therefore, giving the UAE citizens an opportunity of choice.

Environmental conservation. This has become a global issue. Globalization has made nations be checking the operations of other countries on things like corruption, political issues, environmental issues, and other burning issues. For this reason, the UAE government have concentrated more on how to reduce water pollution, air pollution and global warming.

Job opportunities. Globalization has resulted in improvement in trade. Through trade, a lot of job opportunities are created such as driving job to transport goods from one country to another, loading and offloading goods and much more. It also leads to development and growth of industries, and this will create more job opportunities. Also, people can move from one country to another seeking job opportunities without any obstacle. UAE is highly dominated by foreigners meaning that they introduce their foreign culture to the UAE nationals. Though this is a major challenge to globalization UAE has tried to reduce it through some policies.

Demerits of globalization

It interferes with the culture of the UAE nationals. Since globalization involves interaction between people from different countries and societies, it results in cultural exchange thus interfering with the culture.   

Environmental pollution. When foreign come to UAE as investors, they are interested in making a profit but not conserving the environment since it is not their motherland. For this reason, globalization is sometimes seen an agent to environmental pollution.


Globalization has brought a lot of changes in UAE. The effect of globalization has been felt in many areas such environment, education system, the economy of the country and also the creation of job opportunities. There are positive effects of globalization of higher education as the source of income, the mobility of teaching staff, collaboration between universities, improvement of content and delivery system. The globalization has some advantages like free trade, business development and also environmental conservation. Since nothing that has a positive side with no negative side, globalization has some disadvantages such as environmental pollution and interfering with the culture of the UAE nationals.


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