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How Would Some Field of Work Affect the Type of Gender


Nowadays, the workplace diversity problems are extremely essential due to their constant increase. More women are officially employed in the USA compared to several decades ago. There is a belief that the workplace diversity is one of the vital parts of the successful economy. Diversity may be classified into different types, including cultural, age, gender, sexual orientation, political views, physical disabilities, etc.. The research aims at investigating the influence of some work fields on gender and analyzing gender diversity. In addition, it will argue the need of some fields in wither men or women. Finally, the study will discuss the need and importance of both genders in the effective business.

The current research may be important for many organizations as it covers male and female approached to work and proves their effectiveness in terms of business income. Moreover, it thoroughly discusses the workplace diversity, associated problems, and its advantages.

Workplace Diversity

In the modern society, the workplace diversity is considered to be an essential issue that many employees experience. Businesses that seek success and effectiveness tend to employ male and female workers to the top positions of management. Such businesses show better efficiency, financial outcomes, and productivity than those companies interested only in one gender employees. But there are still many companies that employ only single gender people, despite the fact that it has numerous disadvantages Scientists claim that gender-diverse businesses show good financial outcomes and are more successful. 

Cultural and demographic diversity are also common, especially in large cities, which experience the life and the work of people with diverse racial and cultural backgrounds. Many modern businesses employ people of different races, cultures and nationalities as it helps them promote the business internationally and expand overseas. There is an idea that people have better attitudes toward diversity initiatives in case they work in demographically diverse groups. In addition, the working environment and atmosphere in such groups is more productive and friendlier. The age diversity is also essential. Businesses, which employ people of different age groups may boast professional, time-proved, and fresh ideas. They have many benefits and are productive.

Issues of the Gender Diversity

Despite the fact that there exist different diversity types the gender diversity is the most common in the modern business world. In the past, women were deprived of the right to work and study together with men. However, the situation has changed and females have got the same rights as males.
Practice shows that both genders can successfully coexist in terms of getting an education, holding high positions, working, and earning money. Unfortunately, in many situations, females experience limited participation is some committees, boardrooms, and others (“Sex/Gender Discrimination”). It is related to the fact that women are still considered to be the core of the family and the people, who care about well-being at home. In addition, many women lack self-esteem and confidence to take top positions after spending several years at home with children. It is also evident that working females spend much more time doing domestic chores. Therefore, they often need help in promoting their professional abilities and skills.

However, it is essential to get promotion and higher positions as they may treat problems and find solutions in another way. There are numerous stereotypes related to the place of women in businesswomen are often referred as a negative phenomenon. The same prejudice is to the stay-at-home fathers.

Many women in their mid-forties experience the increased risk of being dismissed. It is closely related to the fact that many employers find them old. However, men at that age tend to gain better opportunities at work. It is essential to note that gender discrimination is not always related only to women, but also men. In some workplaces the employees are mostly female (babysitters, nurses, kindergarten teachers, etc.), people do not properly treat male employees. In many cases, male employees in the above-mentioned positions do not get an understanding from children’s and patents’ family members.


Male employees are usually treated as more competent and successful leaders. As a result, they get higher salaries than females ones. Although stereotypes limit women’s admission to certain positions and companies and are often unfounded, people’s attitude to this gender is slowly changing. 

Women claim that they can solve the issue of gender discrimination and related barriers themselves. It can be easily done with the help of constant improvement, learning, and numerous coaching initiatives suggested by most companies. It will help female employees meet their goals and objectives, take the same positions as men, and become equal participants of any business process. However, it may lead to greater gender diversity in organizations. Thus, gender diversity may be eliminated in many effective ways. A person should make a clear plan and set objectives before looking for a job. It is necessary to take into consideration expected salary, positions, treatment, and others. Only clearly created plan can help them work meaningfully.

The Advantages of the Gender Diversity

Women and men think in a different way, they treat situations and make decisions differently. In addition, they analyze and examine market in the opposite ways. It leads to improved problem solving and enhances increased performance of the organizational subdivision levels. Finally, the company increases its financial outcome and substantially enhances production growth. 

The staff of a gender-diverse working environment tends to provide better resource access, including numerous data sources, awareness of the market and industry situation. The gender diversity enables businesses to increase the number of clients. As women tend to spread information more quickly than men, they assist in promoting product and service selling.

In case a business is diverse in terms of gender, it allows to employ highly qualified and professional women. Companies, which employ both genders, are considered to be very flexible and have increased chances to survive and remain competitive in the international market.
If male and female employees are treated equally, their labor productivity is better. It is essential to remember that difference does not mean defect. When a minor part of the staff (for example, women, people of a certain age, race, or culture, etc.) feels favor, they succeed in their work performance.
Thus, there are numerous advantages of gender diversity at the workplace. However, it is essential to conduct further research to investigate other workforce diversity advantages.

Management Strategies of the Workforce Diversity

The first thing that should be done by a unit of a gender-diverse business is to help the less diverse units develop a business strategy for achieving diversity. One of the major steps in the management of workforce diversity is the hiring policy upgrade and to making this process flexible. It will enable people of different cultures, races, backgrounds, gender, and age apply for a job and in no case will reduce the majority of workers. The managers of the less diverse units are advised to create or choose proper management techniques. They should clearly state the aims, objectives, and goal that will address diversity.

The next step presupposes the spread of a wide hiring net that will assist in discovering the most diverse and the most effective group of highly professional and skilled employees. Another step is to find the women, who are promising and may positively influence the work environment. Then, it is essential to supply them with assistance and guidance. Managers should do their best to create an engaged culture, enabling the employees to form a confident and trustful interrelation and enhancing them to show increase effectiveness and productivity at work.

Hence, a business should set clear goals and objectives, as well as hold managers responsible for the workplace diversity. It is essential for managers to attend the diversity-related trainings as they provide them with valuable knowledge concerning the ways of controlling different situations at the workplace and proceed with diversity. At the same time, the employees should take parts in numerous training to get information about productivity maximization without the ignorance of coworkers’ differences.


The problem of the workplace diversity is still widely spread in the modern society. Women and people of the minority groups have fewer chances to work as the top specialists in big companies. However, there are some methods to minimize this discrimination and make their work more productive. Analysis of different diversity sources suggests the idea that is it essential for businesses to employ people of different genders as it is the key to success. Although there are some fields that require only men or women, it is necessary to find the compromise. To be productive and successful modern businesses are advised to be flexible and diverse to survive in the highly competitive market. The company should make an emphasis on the development of proper management strategies that will effectively manage diversity issues, prevent racial, cultural, and gender discrimination. Further research is needed to provide a more distinct insight into the investigated problem. However, the information provided above may be used by business units may to improve the workplace diversity. 


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