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The Strength of Germany's Healthcare

Although Germany is one of the most populous countries in the world, is it highly ranked among the countries that have t... Details >>

Development of Individuals with and without Hearing Loss Essay

Hearing loss (deafness) is the decrease of the ability to find and understand sounds. Any organism capable of perceiving a sound can suffer. Sound waves differ by the frequency and amplitude. Hearing loss is caused by a wide range of biological and ecological factors. It can be caused... Details >>

Cocaine Addiction

This paper is a book review of Cocaine Addiction, Edition 1 by Jerome J. Platt that was published on June 4, 2000. It is an excellent book based on the fact that Dr. Platt has written a comprehensive text on the problem of cocaine abuse and how the treatment approach can be initiated to counter... Details >>

Concept Synthesis on Personal Nursing Philosophy

My name is Ignacio Alzugaray. I was born and raised up in a small town in Central Cuba. My father, Mattie Perry, worked as a retail businessman. My mother, Vera Cameron, was a social and community health worker. I was born the second among four children. Since my childhood and throughout my life... Details >>

Diagnosis & Treatment of Insomnia

Diagnosis of disorders requires specialized diagnostic tools, such as Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders commonly referred to as DSM. This tool is a means of classifying disorders in human beings by issuing specific codes to them for effective understanding of the disorders... Details >>

Nursing Ethical Dilemma

Dossey (2013) presented the prophetic words of the first nurse and a charismatic leader Florence Nightingale who envisioned that there would come the times when “every sick person will have the best chance for recovery” and nurse leaders “will arise, who have been personally experienced in the hard... Details >>