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Annotated Bibliography The bitter Pill of Health Care Cost in America

Annotated Bibliography

Brill, S. (2013). Bitter pill: Why medical bills are killing us. Time, Retrieved from,9171,2136864,00.html

The article is a real investigation of hospital billing policy. The author concentrates on revealing the main drawbacks of it and explaining the reasons why the US health care spending is so inefficient and uncontrolled. Steven Brill bases his opinion on concrete examples.


The article is recommended for a broad audience.

Committee on Technological Innovation in Medicine, Institute of Medicine. (1994). Adopting new medical technology. Washington, D.C.: National Academies Press.

The book provides general information about experimental medical technology and its role in modern medicine. The author pays special attention to such aspects as the process of development and adoption of this technology, comparative analysis of its benefits and drawbacks, as well as opportunities for future improvements. Moreover, such problems as decision making in the field of medicine with the help of technological assessment and necessary financial support of it are also revealed.

The book will be helpful for medical students, health workers, practitioners and all the people interested in medicine and the latest technological developments in this field.

Elias, J., & Semelka, C. R. (2013). Health care reform in radiology. Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons Publishers.

The book reveals the role of health care reform in radiology. The author analyzes what influence this reform has on the specialists in this field. Moreover, great attention is paid to such benefits, guaranteed by reform, as patient safety, high quality of care, clearly defined standards for imaging modalities, and career-long learning of specialists.

The book is recommended for all professionals in the field of radiology, especially for those who are involved with imaging.


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Fink, B. (1997). A clinical introduction to Lacanian psychoanalysis: Theory and technique. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.

The book presents information about outstanding features, main techniques, advantages and disadvantages of Lacanian psychoanalysis. However, theoretical analysis is completed by an explanation of practical implementation. The author describes how Lacanian theory can be used by a practitioner while working on identifying the diagnosis or choosing proper therapeutic stance to adopt. Moreover, Fink reveals practical value with the help of case studies, which give the opportunity to analyze Lacans views on such issues as perversion, neurosis, and psychosis.

The book will be helpful for medical students, practitioners and all the people interested in medical theories.

Patel, K., & Rushefsky, E. M. (2010). Health care politics and policy in America. Armonk, New York: M.E. Sharpe Publishers.

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The book provides readers with general information about health care policy. The chapters are organized according to the principle of historical analysis. The authors present all historical stages of development of health care policy while comparing them with modern situation around it. Moreover, the author pay great attention to revealing the role of government and private sector in development and bringing into life different health care reforms.

This book is a great source of information for medical students, practitioners and all people related to medical science.

Roffe, P., Tansey, G., & Vivas-Eugui, D. (2005). Negotiating health: Intellectual property and access to medicines. Oxford, United Kingdom: Earthscan Publishers.

The book presents information about the issue disturbing almost the whole world. It is dedicated to such a problem as access to medicine in different countries. The authors reveal the state of the problem in modern society. Moreover, they concentrate on explaining the importance of free access to medicine. They use such example as a spread of AIDS and malaria, which causes million deaths of people deprived of the possibility to find proper medicine.

The book will be a good source of information for the broad audience.

Sloan, J. (2009). A bitter pill: How the medical system is failing the elderly. Vancouver, Canada: Greystone Books Ltd.

The book provides readers with an insight into the problem of relation between health care system and health of senior citizens. According to the authors opinion, constant medical prevention measures taken by seniors make them more harm than good. He explains it by the fact that the only goal of seniors in such a way becomes finding the way to escape from the next illness. Consequently, this book is an exhortation to enjoy life and do not waste time on unnecessary things.

This book will be especially helpful for children of the elderly, caregivers, doctors, and nurses.

United States. Bureau of Labor Statistics. (1995). Employee benefits survey: A BLS

reader (Google eBook). Postal Square Building, Washington, D.C.: U.S. Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics Publishers.

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This book provides readers with the information of an annual study of the incidence and detailed characteristics of employee benefits known as the Employee Benefits Survey. It reveals general employee benefits in the US. Moreover, there is a classification of benefits according to different fields of work.

The book is recommended for a broad audience.


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