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Discuss one way to get managers attention to revise the low salaries in your department.

Gender inequality is one of the main reasons responsible for low salaries among women employees. The issue has been encouraged by women employees. It is evident that women tend to feel inferior to men on many occasions. They always underestimate their success yet men overestimate theirs. Consequently, male managers have propagated the notion into the employment sector by paying women less salaries as compared to their male counterparts. This has played a great role towards high female employee turnover. Advocating for gender equality in organizations is a possible way towards breaking the gap between male and female employees. Low wages allocated to women are attributed to the low positions they hold in their work places.


For instance, the chicken-and-egg situation should be utilized towards guaranteeing success of women with regard to attaining leadership roles. Women can demand their needs from their bosses or become bosses and cater for their needs. Furthermore, the egg situation implies that women can get rid of the external barriers in order to get into leadership positions that will reduce turnover. Moreover, gender equality in the workplace ensures equity in recognition of good performance that attracts rewards and benefits. Consequently, women employees will end up earning higher salaries thus reducing employee turnover. Moreover, personnel can be retained if their employers offer sufficient salaries that can cater for their needs. Employee turnover has been highly attributed to insufficient wages and salaries that have compelled most of the staff to look for other supplementary sources of income to cater for their needs. Promotion policies should be enhanced to ensure that female employees also occupy leadership roles hence gain attractive reward packages that would motivate them to continue working for the organization.

Discuss how you would honestly communicate with your supervisor about the sources of job dissatisfaction that you believe are leading to employee turnover in your department.

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As one of the employees of the organization, it is vital to hold open discussion forums with supervisors of the organization with regard to the possible causes of high employee turnover. It is evident that the main causes of employee turnover are low wages, the benefit packages offered by the company, the attendance and performance of the employees. The above factors have to be effectively addressed in order to realize a reduction in the employee turnover rate. For instance, the company management has to ensure that attractive reward and benefit packages are given especially to the employees that exhibit good performance. By so doing, employees are motivated to work even harder. Consequently, the organization realizes an increase in its returns.

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With regard to the attendance of employees, women should be considered, especially during maternity period. Pregnancy leave is essential to guarantee reduction in female employees turnover rate since they get assured of job security without being deducted their wages and salaries corresponding to their maternity days. Furthermore, by 2010, an average American was found to have had about eleven jobs between the age of eighteen and forty six. This is a clear indicator that those days, when an employee had to hold onto an organization that does not offer good working environment, were gone long ago. The organization therefore has to ensure that all its employees are offered promotion chances based on the performance rather than on their gender, otherwise there is a risk of losing the disadvantaged employees. The organization should address all the causes of job dissatisfaction, such as stress, poor communication and insufficient training that hamper the growth of employees within an organization. Consequently, there will be a reduced employee turnover rate.

Discuss one approach you would propose as a governing board member to the board to address the high turnover rate.

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Implementation of shared leadership is among the best approaches that could be used to reduce employee turnover rate within the organization. Growth desire has fueled high employee turnover, especially in organizations that do not favor growth of their employees through training and promotion. The organization should properly cultivate and harness its human resource so as to retain its employees. The determinant factors of employee turnover are the policy of the organization and its management. Most of the causes of employee turnover are under the control of the organization. For instance, an organization has the potential of addressing salary, promotions, benefits, training and scheduling of employees tasks. Poor management has always played a critical role towards high turnover of female employees, especially when such causative factors are not properly addressed within the organization.

Therefore, it is important for the organization to consider all the internal factors that contribute to high employee turnover. The most effective way of addressing the issue is implementation of shared leadership within the organization. It ensures that both genders are adequately represented at all levels. Consequently, gender equity would prevail thus ensuring that the rights of female employees are not violated. As a matter of fact, implementing such a move guarantees reduction in employee turnover. A firm achieves competitive advantage by maintaining low employee turnover since the expenses incurred in recruiting new workforce are not realized by the organization (Armstrong, 2009). Women should therefore aim for leadership positions within the organization in order to change professional ambition perspective that considers management positions to be meant for male employees.


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