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Health Care Messages From Media Sources

Health Care Messages from Media Source

Greys Anatomy was a controversial medical film where surgical interns and doctors put little time to their profession at Grace Hospital, Seattle. The drama was based on the book Grays Anatomy written by Henry Gray. The series was fiction and dwelt on the lives of residents and interns prior to their licensing as permanent doctors. Racial diversity was eminent with the utilization of a technique known as color blind to select the cast.


The health professions indulged in gossip, flirted and even drowned their sorrows in a local bar. Patients seeking treatment at times turned away due to the commotion and misbehaving of the health professions. The moral issues that should guide a health profession in his line of duty were missing (Jackson, 2006). The interns and doctors were at the limelight and the public was watching every bit of their lives. Attitude and professionalism by nurses and doctors was at its lowest level and their interests were drifting far from the patients. In the instance of shouting and yelling due to private issues, chaos might have erupted and halted treatment. The use of cursing words in the hospital was unacceptable and brought shame to fellow employees. Health professional should have been ethical and maintain good conduct in order to serve patients with diligence.

The removal of a ladys oviduct leading to death of her baby by interns and doctors showed incompetence in their line of duty. The issue around termination of life was in the mothers decision and not even a health profession had that authority. The death of a patient due to internal bleeding that happened because of negligence by one of the interns was disturbing. These two instances depicted an irresponsible health staff that was not attentive on saving lives of their patients. The legal aspects around malpractice in hospitals were liability and duty of care in which compensation of the patient was necessary upon violation (Pozgar, 2007). The constant death of patients during surgery is questionable and should be alarming to the hospital staff and the general public.

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The public does not necessarily pay attention to the services they receive as opposed to the popularity of the hospital. Research has indicated that persons with private insurance would rather queue at emergency departments than be treated cheaply elsewhere. In the case of Greys Anatomy, patients line up waiting to see their regular doctor as opposed to primary clinicians even in an urgent case (Hoff, 2010). Making primary caregivers more appealing could reduce the unnecessary queues to Emergency Departments and hence save lives. The denial of Dr. Grey to be treated by a fellow professional shows mistrust and negative attitude. Public perception of services provided by health professions should be neutralized to ensure overall success in medicine. More lives could be lost if specialists do not perform their work as expected.

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Public expectation is very high in regard to health care provision by the medical professions. Lack of treatment, negligence and improper behavior accounts to violation of a patients rights. The death a young lady during Caesarian section is a reflection of malpractice on the doctors part. If only the doctors were more attentive and thorough on their work, then the ladys injuries would have been noted, treated and alive. Ultimately, good relations between patients and doctors relay professionalism (Gullo & Berlot, 2006).

In addition, regular fights among the health workers were a clear indication of the disunity of the hospital. There was not a clear strategy to guide the team on the day to day activities. An organization structure should have been set up to ensure that the interns understood the expectations and were effective in their duties (Gillies, 2003). In cases of arguments, focused decision should have been followed so as to uphold the respect of each employee and maintain their dignity. The young and old ought to have coexisted and worked together towards a common goal.

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Greys Anatomy certainly had a wide audience and impacted powerfully to the society. Messages from this drama were engaging and involved characters who caught the public attention. Like any other story, there were villains and heroes who helped the audience relate to daily experiences. The presentation of the drama showed the interaction of patients and doctors in their delivery of health care. An important curriculum of the possibilities and problems of the hospital was well represented and guided the audience on conflict resolution and expectations (Mukherjea 2010).

Conclusively, the drama was worth every bit. The public curiosity was triggered by the need to watch the next episode. The fourth estate played a vital role in the actions and thoughts of the public in understanding the health system. Dramas like Greys Anatomy not only played an entertainment part, but also created awareness, imparted knowledge and motivated the society to be responsible.


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