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Health care reform paper

Health Care Reform Paper

The U.S. health care authorities apply various new strategies to improve the American medical units. These new policies guide the nursing staves, doctors, and other medical experts in providing quality care. The Federal and State Government design Quality Improvement (QI) plans to reform the hospitals regular services. QI program includes essential information that suggests medical professionals to manage, review, and deploy specific rules that improve the patients health. Moreover, the U.S. authorities should reform some elements of the medical system to offer extensive care. The following paper analyzes and justifies top five elements that the American medical organizations should improve.



The American medical experts, doctors, and nursing teams diagnose hundreds of patients every day. The health care authorities apply new technologies to fulfill the demands of various medical stakeholders. However, sometimes, some health care units may not provide extensive services due to the lack of some services or technologies. These deficiencies impact overall health care services. Therefore, the medical organizations should reform some service elements. They are customer care and patient satisfaction, data collection tools, equal services to racial minorities, health care policy reformation, and advanced ambulatory care service (ACS) (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, n.d.).

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Customer Care and Patient Satisfaction

Customer care and patient satisfaction are the most important aspects of health care service. The hospital authorities should create communication services for patients to discuss and solve their health and psychological issues. Sometimes, American stakeholders complain that some medical workers behave rudely, and they do not answer patients questions (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, n.d.). Hence, the medical authorities should prepare data collection methods that identify the medical staffs performance and work experience with all patients. The hospitals should design feedback forms for patients that can help medical authorities to understand the patients needs or demands. Also, patients should get a safe environment in health care settings. Sometimes, the hospital-acquired infections may increase the risk of severe diseases. Therefore, patients safety and satisfaction are the main elements that the Government should improve in the U.S. health care units (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, n.d.).

Data Collection Tools

Data collection tools can guide health care experts to collect performance based information of medical services. Studies show that some of the U.S. medical units do not use advanced technologies in remote areas (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, n.d.). As a result, doctors may need a long time to diagnose a disease. Also, they may not find the exact reasons for a health issue. Therefore, the authorities should reform data collection tools in those medical settings. The medical organization can use some of the efficient data collection tools, such as EPCs Evidence-Based Reports, Fact Sheets, and Full Research Report tools. For example, the evidence-based report tool collects relevant information about a patients health and it produces methodological reports of various diseases (Follette, n.d.). This tool helps to create clinical practice guideline, research agenda, and safety measures of a medical service. Also, it can collect reports of blood disorders, lung conditions, obesity, trauma, and lung conditions. The medical experts can offer extensive services in remote areas by applying these technologies (Follette, n.d.).

Equal Services for Racial Minorities

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Health expert Cipriano considers that often American racial minorities face unreasonable health problems. Studies show that some communities have higher mortality and morbidity rates than the others (Cipriano, 2013). Additionally, some organizations create superior and inferior racial classes due to the biological factors. Sometimes, racial minorities blame that they do not receive effective treatment for diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic health issues. These questions may create serious communal violence. The U.S. citizens should receive equal services in various medical units. Hence, the State and Federal authorities should reform health policies that sustain human rights. Also, the medical councils should introduce special courses for medical and nursing students that explain the fundamental rights of medical stakeholders (Cipriano, 2013). Thus, the authority can reform medical services in diverse communities.

Health Care Policy Reformation

The U.S. Federal Government applied different medical reimbursement plans to improve the American health care service in last few years. According to the report, the United States spends about $ 2.9 trillion in health care development and medical services. According to a report, the new medical plans paid extra funds in Medicare Part A and D (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, n.d.). Usually, Part A guides people to receive coverage for hospital care. On the other hand, Part D allows people to receive prescription drugs at a low price. However, these policies provide unlimited services to the health care stakeholders. Experts found that current federal health care expenditures will not be sustainable in the long term. Hence, the Federal Government should reform current health care policies to reduce health care budget. The authority should redesign Affordable Care Act (ACA) to sustain the demands of medical organizations and other social stakeholders as well (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, n.d.).

Advanced Ambulatory Care Service (ACS)

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ACS offers consultations, assistance and treatments by applying various advanced technologies. Ambulatory services decrease the necessity of hospital admission or registration in emergency conditions. Also, it provides treatments for acute illness. ACS experts diagnose dental problems and dermatology issues. However, currently, these facilities are not available in some remote areas in the United States. Therefore, the Federal Government should reform ACS in different backward areas. The authority should create advanced patient care services in diverse communities to meet the demands of medical stakeholders (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, n.d.).

In conclusion, The American health care authorities develop their policies to improve medical services. However, some medical stakeholders complain that sometimes they do not receive effective service on various health issues. Therefore, the authorities should reform some elements of health care to offer extensive services in different hospital settings. These reformation procedures can guide medical organizations to develop their performance in a short time.


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