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Healthcare Legal and Ethical Problems

Legal and Ethical Problems

The organization faces some cases of legal battles with clients. These cases have led to the organization losing its image and loyalty from clients as well as loss of trust within the organization. Legal cases on an organization stand as threats to the performance of the organization as well as a course for intensifying competition. Legal cases portray negative message to the clients and patients in the external and internal environment. Therefore, legal battles with clients should be minimized or evaded to ensure the wellbeing and efficiency of the organization. The organizations sales and profit will decrease due to legal battles with clients.

Another weakness is the reported issues of negligence by professionals in the organization and entire working environment. Despite the fact that the consequences of this negligence have not yet been observed, it will lead to a serious negative outcome at the end. All healthcare professionals have legal responsibilities to the organization as well as the patients of the facility. Therefore, negligence leads to the wrongful acts that may consequently lead to the legal cases due to breach of code of practice. Negligence is an unreasonable act since it breaches legal and ethical responsibilities of health care workers in any organization including the Tenet Healthcare Corporation they should be managed.


Remedial Action Plans

In order for the organization to deal with these weaknesses, it can use legal and ethical strengths it possesses. For instance, the organization has few cases filed in law courts; it can ensure that these cases are not increased. It can handle other issues with clients within the organization. On the other hand, negligence can be remedied through the use of organizational structures that ensure all professionals are responsible for their actions. Therefore, since there are few cases in courts, the organization can maintain its image and build a strong attractive image to the internal and external environment. More importantly, the Tenet healthcare team is strong, focused and follows medical ethics. They ensure the quality of service provided is high.

Through the usage of organizational structures, such as functional, divisional and matrix organizational structures, the organization will curb legal cases and negligence in the workplace. Through the usage of functional structure the organization will eradicate negligence since the structure ensures each individual and group functions according to their purpose in the organization. It will ensure no employee has time for negligence since his or her functions will be appraised. Strict correctional actions should be established for individuals practicing negligence in the work environment. Through the use of divisional structure, the organization will focus on specific issues, such as legal cases concerning the organization.

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Additionally, through strategic management and planning, the organization, as well as its members of staff, will have a course of direction and will be motivated to their respective responsibilities. Strategic planning is the process where the members of staff are made to identify and define their direction as a whole through understanding the organizations vision, mission, values and strategy. Through the use of these components the members of staff get assimilated to each other and work as an organizational culture. Therefore, through strategic planning the Tenet Corporation issues on negligence and legal battles with clients will be managed and minimized. More importantly, the results will be long-term. Strategic management is the process of ensuring that all strategic planning tactics are employed in the organization fully. It is the component, which assesses performance of the strategies employed as well as their effectiveness and efficiency in the workplace. Through the above remedy plans, the organization will correct the weakness of legal and ethical components in the organization.

Appraisal of Effectiveness and the Necessary Resources

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Legal and ethical issues are responsible for the rules in an organization. They stipulate the manner, in which employees ought to act in the workplace. Therefore, through providing services with orderly ethical and legal issues, management and efficiency in the workplace is guaranteed. Through employing more motivation between individuals and groups in the work place, issues of legal battles with clients and negligence from employees will be managed. The employees in the organization are professionals in their respective responsibilities thus training strategies are not mandatory. However, through training on the vision, mission, values and strategies, the management as well as actions of employees are guided. Additionally, through introducing corrective strategies to individuals responsible for negligence, as well as wrongful actions that lead to legal battles with clients, it will assist in eradicating the issues. Therefore, through time and competitive strategies the organization will manage both legal and ethical issues in the organization.

The effectiveness of these actions will be measured through performance of the organization and through curbing of weaknesses; for instance, through minimizing and eradicating legal battles with clients in courts. It will indicate effectiveness of the strategies. More importantly, through all employees being engaged in their work and not showing negligence, actions will prove efficiency of strategies in the workplace. Therefore, through providing clients with all reasonable actions and services, it will have effectively curbed the issue on legal and ethical weaknesses to ensure satisfied clients and effective organization. Legal and ethical issues in the organization are responsible for the image of organization.


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