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Healthcare management

Healthcare management

In every organization, efficiencies and effectiveness of strategic management determine the goal achievement of the organization. The management deals with the strategic planning of the overall organization. All operations of organizations should be put in place to make sure that every stakeholder of the organization is comfortable with the services of that particular organization. The stakeholders, who include the workers, customers, suppliers and much more, should be incorporated and held together cohesively. The management should keep prices of goods and services affordable to the customers. It should not charge much money that the clients will not afford and compromise the organizations activities. Strategic management should make plans that will help improve the image of the organization and assist it in ensuring the continuous of operations to the unforeseeable future (Pierre, 2011).


Health care services do not require charging high prices. People come from different backgrounds and despite the background of individual, human beings are universal in all aspects and contract illnesses equally. The management of healthcare corporations has to plan their activities. Such plans that are intended to be achieved or completed do not require a lot of money. The prices to be charged to the customers are to be affordable to all. In managing different areas with people of different financial capabilities, healthcare managements can segment their operations. They may admit the practice of setting up branches in the areas with rich people and charge on some high prices. Extra prices charged to these rich and able individuals should compensate the areas of poor and low-income individuals, for whom the prices charged are low. By implementing the plans of charging affordable prices as per the localities, the customers will not shy off from the organization due to high costs of its services and the continuous flow of patients in the organization will not be compromised (Sturmberg, 2013).

Another weakness that tends to face the organizations, especially the health care corporations, is the goal to maximize profits. Plans of the management should be enhanced in providing quality and in time services to the patients. However, even if it is essential to account for the revenues against the expenditure incurred, the management of the health care facility should not be taken as the one, which is profit-oriented. Unlike the businesses, which aim to increase sales and production at lower costs in order to maximize the profits, it should not be the case for healthcare sector. When services of health care facility are quality, many patients will opt to seek services of that particular health care facility over others, which are oriented more on the business and profit than on the provision of quality services (McCosh, 2003).

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Opting to charge high prices rather than providing better and quality services to the patients causes an alarm as for the image and future of corporation. Health care organization should put on and implement plans that will create positive corporation image in the minds of the public and potential patients.

Operations. Human resource management

Human resource is the most expensive asset in every organization. In order to have a better output and better production in all the areas of organization, they need to acquire and maintain highly qualified personnel. Experience of employees is very essential for the organization, especially in the professional fields like accountants, engineers, doctors and so on. In order to gain experience and be more conversant with the work done, the workers need to work for a considerable time within the areas of specialization.

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The weaknesses of health care in the human resource are the problem of maintaining good doctors and specialists. If health staff has gained experience demanded by organizations, they opt to give better employment terms. In the health care profession, the management needs to enhance strategies that will help maintain the doctors of high caliber. The doctors need to be given enough time in a particular health care organization, and gain experience in a particular field. The motivation practices have to be put in place in order to give the doctors morale to continue working in that particular health care organization. Technological measures should be implemented to measure progress and experience of the staff for performance of appraisal activities.

Another weakness is concerns of some staff members on the organizations commitment towards their working hours. Some employees feel that they are working more than what they are paid for and it kills their moral. It has had no effect so far but needs addressing in future. Whenever employees work more than the normal hours, overtime pay should be provided. In health care, it is dangerous for medical practitioner to work for more hours. Upon being tired, the staff may provide wrong diagnosis to the patients. The human resource management department should make sure that there are enough employees to work in the day and in the night shifts, and in case if one worker is missing, there should always be a replacement available (Mara & Ziegenfuss, 2000).


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