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Healthcare Reforms Affects

Healthcare Reforms Effects

In the United States of America, healthcare reform has a long history. However, since 2010, a law was enacted guaranteeing patients protection and affordable health care services. The reform has a great impact on the health status of the citizens of America within all the states. The healthcare reforms have affected and will affect the financial provision of healthcare today and in the future. The reform has both positive and negative effects in America. This paper will describe ways in which healthcare reform has affected the financial delivery of healthcare.


Health reform is extremely important to the people who are employed in America. They are able to acquire health services with the assistance of health insurance that they pay monthly (Freeman, 2012). It ensures that healthcare services are available and affordable to all races, ethnic groups, disabled and able-bodied people. It prevents discrimination and public exploitation towards health services. The reform intends to equalize all the citizens of America through contributing depending on the level of income. The reform has brought about a positive effect towards the financial delivery of healthcare services. It became possible because many people can today acquire health services at an affordable fee. In addition, members of the public are not obligated to use their savings during hospitalization. The initiation of the reform has ensured that the Americans can come together and fund their health requirements. However, the reform reduced the number of organizations that offer healthcare insurance. It reduced competition and limited the provision of healthcare services to Medicaid and Medicare. This prevented exploitation of citizens through raising insurance fee (Krugman, 2011). The rise in insurance fee was bringing a negative effect towards the delivery of healthcare as most of the people were under insured and could not acquire quality health services at the cost of insurance companies.

Healthcare reforms have affected financial delivery of healthcare since it has brought about cases of fraud and waste. Waste refers to utilization of resources in the wrong way inducing a loss. On the other hand, fraud refers to poor utilization of public resources to benefit an individual or a small group of people (Liptak, 2012). Since the establishment of health reforms, most of the healthcare spending can be considered a waste. It is brought about by several causes including; overtreatment, lack of coordination and fraud. For instance, in 2011, Medicaid and Medicare made 65 billion dollars of improper payments both by errors and fraud. In addition, the government is using a lot of money to combat cases of fraud through the department of justice. Because of this reason, the money set aside through insurance and taxation is not used in the right way. When money is not used in the right way, the quality of health services may not change since the money assigned for important issues is not enough (Sack, 2009). At the same time, since there is enough money set aside to handle any health issue, the doctors may concentrate a lot of interest on one person with the intention of acquiring a high pay. Because of this reason, little time is set aside for other patients leading to poor healthcare in public hospitals. In addition, some individuals such as politicians acquire more interest from doctors creating an imbalance in public hospitals. However, the government is putting in place reliable measures to eliminate cases of fraud together with waste and facilitate the effectiveness of healthcare reform.

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An increment in monthly contribution towards healthcare insurance increased the insurance fund set aside for healthcare. The reform came alongside with an increment in the healthcare bill (Howell, 2014). With increased funds, the hospitals are now able to buy enough medicine for all patients. At the same time, hospitals acquire money and are able to pay the medical staff in time. This has brought a positive effect towards financial provision of healthcare. It is because when the medical staffs are paid in time, they are able to offer their services without hesitation. In addition, with enough drugs to attend to patients and enough medical stationery, the medical staffs are able to work without stress. As a result, the medical services have improved. An increment in monthly contribution affected the financial delivery of healthcare since the health reform set enough money to cater for the big population of Americans. However, it depends on a number of purposes for reforms to be effective (Terry, 2011). One of the factors is proper administration of the funds and close supervision to avoid fraud and wastage. In addition, proper punishment should be set aside to punish those who engage in fraud cases. Contribution of higher rate in premiums can also offer a negative effect towards financial delivery of healthcare. As seen in most parts of America today, many people cannot be able to raise the set amount of money. For this reason, they are locked out of the reforms coverage exposing them to poor health services which they can afford.

The main agenda of the health reforms was to make health services affordable to all the people within America. However, the reform guaranteed that young people up to the age of 26 qualify as dependent on their parents insurance plan. For this reason, there was an increased demand in healthcare. On the other hand, the supply was straining (WHO, 2009). Qualification of young people above the age of 18 as dependants has reduced revenue for healthcare services. From this point of view, healthcare reform has affected financial delivery of healthcare since the citizens are forced to cater for financial bills of other people who are recognized as adults by the law. The qualification has increased the number of dependants on parents. It implies that, the number of people who make a contribution towards healthcare funds is low compared to the people who depend on the funds. As a result, the reforms have affected the financial delivery of healthcare such that the quality of services offered might deteriorate in the future (Field, 2009). In addition, before the implementation of the reform, association of American medical colleges acknowledged that there was a shortage of medical personnel in America. Since the reform made health services affordable to all Americans, the financial delivery of healthcare might be affected in the future. It will occur because many people will rely on public health services increasing the work load to the medical teams since their number will not increase in the near future.

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Healthcare reforms have affected and may affect financial delivery of health services in the future since they allow limits of treatment options. The affordable healthcare act recommendations are limited to Medicaid and Medicare (Peter, 2010). Since the reforms do not extend to other insurance plans, there will be congestion in Medicare and Medicaid leading to poor services. However, since there are recommendations to extend the services to other private insurance plans, this situation might be controlled.

In conclusion, healthcare reforms have affected the financial delivery of health care in America today. It may also affect financial delivery of healthcare in the future. However, the reform is effective and allows proper administering of health services. The reform has made healthcare affordable and has added value to human life (Weinard & Frederick, 2008). At the same time, the government should administer keen observation to eliminate cases of fraud and waste. Many people approach this issue from different angles some criticizing the reforms and others supporting them. However, it is evident that healthcare reforms have made healthcare services affordable in America. At the same time, it is now easy for low earners to pay hospital bills.


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