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Healthcare System


For the healthcare system, the laws and regulations play an essential role because healthcare is responsible for sustaining human life and health. The American Legal System pays much attention to the healthcare system. However, there are many negative issues as well with the current system. Healthcare system is the organization of people or institutions that pursue the goal to deliver healthcare services to people in need. A wide variety of healthcare systems exist in the modern world. In most countries, the healthcare systems are managed by the governments, charities, religious organizations, trade unions, and other organizations in order to provide people with necessary services. There are four major sources of laws in the United States of America that control the delivery of healthcare services. This essay delves into three sources of power and examines how the laws are made based on each of the tree source of law. The healthcare system requires a set of regulations that can help in the right organization of this industry.


The American Legal System includes a collection of different rules that governs the societys behavior. The first source of laws in the healthcare industry consolidates the Constitutional rights and the legislative powers. The U.S. Constitution, healthcare programs, and the Supreme Court issue the major regulations in the industry. In other words, this source generalizes the common rules and regulations. Considering the superiority of the legislative bodies discussed, it is possible to consider how the legislative system of the USA works and how the rules and regulations can be applied in the healthcare industry. One can easily find related information about the rules and regulations issued by the American courts and their work in general. The main goal of the courts is to solve issues in the healthcare system that the legislative body has difficulties. This source contains all necessary information according to how healthcare in the USA works in relation to the legislative system (About the Law, 2014).

The second source is the USA government, the health insurance in particular. The government regulates the healthcare coverage plans for the poor. The United States of America is one of the most powerful and economically developed countries in the world; yet many people cannot get access to high quality healthcare services because most of insurance companies treat their customers unfairly. The main purpose of the insurance companies is to increase the profit margin. Therefore, many citizens are unprotected because they cannot afford to purchase health insurance. This question has become extremely important for the American society as people suffer from unfair treatment by the insurance companies and the low quality of the healthcare system that might cause increasing health risks.

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Some of the issues related to the reasons of such health crisis involve inequality. The main problem is that the medical help expenses can only be covered by the insurance companies because the prices are higher than an average person can afford. However, most of the insurance companies treat their clients unfairly because their main goal is increase their profits. Both doctors and patients are not satisfied with the healthcare system because it requires high responsibility. Then, there is a constant increase in prices of the medical services and the financial crisis impacts. In order to alleviate the problem and provide access to healthcare for people with less income, a universal healthcare voucher system should be adopted (Health Insurance, 2015). This might satisfy the political forces and provide an opportunity for people to choose the coverage that they need.

The regulations and laws issued by this source are based on the human and citizens rights, and a healthcare system of the USA. In addition, this source provides with the information related to the insurance plan that every patient can find. There are various programs of insurance provided in this source. The patients can also find the laws dedicated to their legal rights and opportunities related to the health insurance.

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The third source relates to such a vital issue as ethics and laws in healthcare. According to this source, the laws and regulations describe the ethical importance in the healthcare system. People who work for healthcare system should recognize their responsibility, and the government must make strict control of their actions and provide with necessary teaching programs (Brock & Mastroianni, 2013). Such terms as accountability and responsibility are based on ethical norms. Accountability in public service tackles such issues as fairness and honesty. Thus, ethics is the core of responsibility. Ethics is defined as a moral philosophy that considers being a part of philosophical studies and covers such issue as what is wrong and what is right. Ethics is supposed to be a part of every field because it brings necessary moral values that people should follow (Cadbury, 1987). The term ethics has the same meaning as morality. One of the most relevant fields of ethics for public services responsibility is ethics of care because the main goal of public sector is to take a care of people.

In conclusion, this research covered the three sources of laws and regulations for the healthcare industry. The three main sources of laws for the healthcare industry represent the rules and laws in the healthcare industry, insurance coverage, and medical ethics.


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