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1. How would you describe the primary mission of this program?

The primary mission of this program refers to ensuring safety of victims of domestic violence. This mission will be reached through promoting partnerships with community organizations in order to create a new system of services. The program constitutes the central clearinghouse for federal funding initiatives and contributes to preventing and intervention of violence. It promotes the introduction of coordinated and multidisciplinary approaches to improving the criminal justice system in relation to adequate responses to existing challenges. Technical and other forms of support are also provided for victims (Florida Department of Children and Families, 2014).

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2. Describe the services this program provides to victims of domestic violence.

The program provides a number of services to victims of domestic violence. There are 42 certified centers that provide support and intervention services to children and adult victims of domestic violence. These services include 24-hour crisis and information hotline, counseling, safety planning, emergency shelter, case management, training for law enforcement, education for community awareness, etc. A large number of centers also assist with legal and court advocacy, life skills trainings, rape crisis intervention, etc. (Florida Department of Children and Families, 2014). Transportation and relocation services may be provided, as well. All centers coordinate their activities in order to deliver services of the highest quality. This system also contributes to finding possible ways of solving problems associated with domestic violence.

3. Why is this information significant to health care workers?

This information is highly significant to health care workers for a number of reasons. First of all, they may receive additional assistance from these centers in dealing with problems of their patients. Moreover, they may have access to current statistical information that may be useful to subsequent scientific research. In general, health care specialists receive additional opportunities for providing help for their clients that increase the genera level of health care in the given region. Another important issue is the effective use of information.

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1. What are important definitions for intimate partner violence?

The most important definitions are the following; physical violence refers to the intentional use of physical force that may cause disability, injury, harm or even death. The most widespread examples of physical violence include chocking, grabbing, punching, slapping, throwing, use of a weapon, etc. Sexual violence refers to three categories. The first one is the use of physical force in order to engage in a sexual act with a person against his/ her will (regardless of whether the act is actually completed). The second category refers to attempted or completed sex act based on his/ her inability to decline participation (as a result of disability, illness, the influence of alcohol or other drugs). The third category is abusive sexual contact (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2014).

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Threats of physical and sexual violence refer to the use of words, gestures and weapons that demonstrate the intent to cause disability, injury, physical harm, or even death. Psychological/ emotional violence refers to the negative influence to the victim based on acts, threats of acts and coercive tactics (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2014).

2. Why are these definitions important?

The correct definitions are necessary, because they help to evaluate the examples of intimate partner violence and determine key trends over time. It also allows determining the magnitude of intimate partner violence and comparing its levels over different jurisdictions. As a result, prevention and intervention measures may be better developed. Definitions help to coordinate all elements of the whole system and make it more efficient in the long run.

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1. Summarize Florida Statute 39.201s relevance to health care workers.

According to the 2013 Florida Statutes, any person who knows or suspects that a child is abused has a right to report such knowledge or suspicion to the corresponding department in the specified manner. Such information may refer to the situations when a child is abused, abandoned, or neglected by parents or other responsible persons. It may also happen that a child needs some care, and it cannot be provided by his/ her relatives. In this case, this information should be reported, as well.

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All people who know or suspect that a child may be abused by any adults other than parents (even for the childs welfare), have the right to report such knowledge to the corresponding department using the specified form. Correspondingly, everyone who suspects that a child may be a victim to a sexual abuse should report such knowledge to the department. Reporters of the following occupation categories should provide their names to the hotline staff. These categories include medical examiner, physician, nurse, practitioner, school teacher, social worker, law enforcement officer, and judge (Florida Legislature, 2013).

All names of reporters should be entered into the reports and should be kept confidential. Each report should be forwarded to the departments central abuse hotline. Then, the corresponding measures can be made. Such reports may be electronically transferred to the county sheriffs office. All this information is highly relevant for health care workers. It demonstrates the institutional support that exists in the state. Health care workers may use a large number of methods in order to provide necessary assistance to their clients. They may contact the hotline when it is reasonable. They may develop their own strategies of help using the information that may be legally obtained. In this way, the whole system of help may become more flexible and client-oriented.


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