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Implementation Of Health Promotion Plan

Implementation of Health Promotion Plan



Today, hypertension is widespread, often in regions with high pollution. Hypertension affects approximately 50 million individuals in the United States and approximately 1 billion worldwide (NIH Publications, 2003).High blood pressure is often found in adolescents, the disease is rapidly getting younger, as well as many other diseases of the cardio-vascular system. Hypertension and atherosclerosis are a major cause of premature mortality (Sear, 2004). The promotion has to be organized in a way to let the audience know that hypertension is becoming younger day by day and that everybody who is engaged in the hospital or care activity should know all the aspect concerning this disease.

The promotion paper

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The paper is the example of the possible solutions upon the right preparation to take a promotion action. The promotional lecture was built to be understandable and useful in a range of given period. The information is assimilated better, when the proved step by step method is used, which leads to a prominent result.

The promotion topic

The promotion topic is hypertension. The audience has to learn the key issues of the disease. First, the definition: Hypertension - is high hydrostatic pressure in the blood vessels, hollow organs or body cavities. The term "hypertension" is used widely in relation to blood pressure by replacing the term "hypertension." Hypertension can be of two types: primary and secondary hypertension. Primary hypertension is called high blood pressure only for hypertension.

The promotion audience

The audience comprised the medical workers, who are following the idea of a constant self-professional growth and perfection. These were three registered nurses and the task was to make them comfortable while pointing out the main idea of a promotion. It was important to make them willing to expand their knowledge and to accept the study in order to use it in their further hospital day-to-day activity.

The promotion place

The Break room was chosen as the promotion place having all the conditions to provide the qualitative promotion. There was absence of other people that facilitated providing an evident exampling, active dialogues, common stable attention straight to the point, and collective summarizing; quiet and cozy atmosphere; comfortable seats; and most importantly the ability of lecturer to be heard by the audience, which is close and perceives the information in the best possible way. The room also enabled the demonstration of exemplary procedures and exercises, applied to the treatment and prevention of the disease.

The promotion equipment

The promotion equipment consisted of a stethoscope and a sphygmomanometer in order to learn how to exploit them and to know the values ??of indicators to assist further correct help to a patient. The nurses were also given the papers with a list of the simple advices for a patient and his siblings about how to avoid and behave having high blood pressure (Zieve and Eltz, 2010).

Here is the paper:

Advice list for the patient and his/her family:

Consider adequate sleep at least 7 hours a day. Individual rate may be higher, up to 9-10 hours.

Body weight should be close to ideal. To do this, daily calorie intake, depending on the weight and nature of the work, should be between 1,500 and 2,000 calories. Consumption of protein is 1g/kg body weight per day, carbohydrates - to 50g/day, fat - 80 g/day. It is desirable to keep a food diary. The patient is strongly advised to avoid fatty, sugary foods, to prefer vegetables, fruits, cereals and whole meal bread.

Salt intake should be restricted to 5-7 g/day. It is advised not to add some salt foods, replace salt with other substances that enhance the taste of food (sauces, small amounts of pepper, vinegar, etc.) The salt contains sodium, which causes water retention in the body and as a result, increases in blood pressure. There is a large amount of sodium in sausages, canned, salted and smoked meat products.

Increase the intake of potassium (which can be found in fresh fruits, vegetables, dried apricots, baked potatoes). The ratio of K +/Na + shifts to K+ in predominantly vegetarian diet.

It is necessary to stop or restrict smoking.

Alcohol consumption should be limited to 30 ml / day in terms of absolute ethanol. Spirits should be replaced with dry red wines, having anti atherosclerotic activity. Permissible dose of alcohol per day is: 720 ml of beer, 300 ml of wine, 60 ml of whiskey, womens dose is 2 times smaller.

The inactivity (sedentary work> 5 hours/day, physical activity

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Emotional stress at work and at home is controlled. Limit the hours of work and home stress, avoid night shifts trips.

Smoking, alcohol abuse is often secondary to psycho-emotional distress in the family.

If a family has young people with risk factors for cardiovascular disease (body mass index> 25, the plasma cholesterol> 220 mg/dL, triglycerides> 210 mg/dL, blood pressure numbers of "high standards") described non-drug measures apply to them as well. This is an important measure of family prevention of hypertension.

The patient and his family should own methods of measuring blood pressure, and be able to keep a diary of blood pressure with push digits in the early morning, afternoon and evening.

If the patient uses hypotensive drugs, he must be aware of the expected effect, of possible side effects and how to overcome them.

Women with hypertension must abandon the use of oral contraceptives.

Nutritional supplements should not be misused "to build muscle" by the youth and delete the anabolic steroids.

The promotion duration

The length itself was set to the duration of approximately 1-hour. It depended on the promotion data volume and was thoroughly checked to avoid excessive use of the knowledge base.

The promotion lecture method

As the lecturer, I felt all the importance of providing the productive promotion act. The expectations of painstaking preparation were justified. Having developed narration skills, I adopted lecture type promotion. A lecture allows to pass to a large audience of students some new information in a relatively short period of time, including to those students to whom the access is limited for some reason. A lecture offers the opportunity to build the logic of the contents of explaining complex terms representing problem-solving mechanisms, analyze and show the ties between the different categories, concepts. However, I chose the lecture method with the procedure breaks. Lecture method with the procedure pauses allows to solve the problem of stability of attention by moving throughout a lecture: every 15-20 minutes to use the techniques; to reflect on the content of the lecture, get feedback; record and work with the emerging challenges from the audience in the social-psychological and business aspect.

The audiences feedback

The audience, accordingly, accepted the project, perhaps, because this topic is interesting, very appropriate and, at the same time, not intrusive. The audience asked the questions, the paper with the list of advices was discussed. While showing the work principles of a stethoscope and a sphygmomanometer the audience was attentive and put some notes to their writing-pads. The audiences interest was at a stable level, because of scrupulousness of the research topic.

The promotion importance

Developing and implementing such projects is quite important. The use of the project is part of the learning process. The relevance of the project technology is high in terms of mastering the basics of project activities, labor operations and in terms of employment opportunities for the development of personality, which helps to improve the quality of knowledge, and forms the complete perception of reality. Project-based learning is an important way to intensify the process of upgrading and improving the qualification.

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Personal attitude towards the promotion

Such promotion acts help to pay attention to the important and relevant medical issues and is a great possibility to expand the knowledge and to stand right towards the possible professional problems knowing how to act or react to solve those. Moreover, such events unite people, make them see and feel the same way, and let the people share the earned experiences, since any experience is highly valuable.


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