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Issues for the Health Care professionals

Issues for the Health Care Professionals

The professionals in Health Care sphere sometimes can become indispensable for human life. They face grief almost every day because the illnesses of patients may end up with death. Physicians are always near people in the case of distress ready to help.


To start with, I want to say few words about ethics. It is a part of societys life. Ethical norms show us the model of the right way of living, and help us to choose the best way out of the problem. However, ethical issues are still contradictive, as many do not adhere to those. In healthcare sphere ethical issues are extremely important because the life and health of people depend on them.

Ethical Issues

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Talking about ethical issues, I want to discuss the main of them. The first one is a principle of autonomy it is the right of the patient to chose his way of curing and make own decisions about the illness. The doctor still has all the responsibilities for the life and health of the patient. He has no right to insist on the treatment, but has to accept the wish of the patient. The main aspect of this principle is that a person is free to decide how to deal with his life and dicease: to confirm the treatment or to decline it.

Another issue is the principle of beneficence, its idea is to do everything for the health of person and use medicine with effective intensions. This notion can be argued about taking into account the abortion, for example. Church is extremely opposite to this principle and medicine faces a lot of contradictions. On the one hand, a lot of people all over the world dream about the child while physically are not able to have their biological kids. On the other hand, abortion sometimes is a necessary procedure, when it threatens the health and well-being of the woman. Doctors face dilemma here.

The principle of non-maleficence means not to harm anyone. It is written in the law, that the physician has no right to harm the patient, and has only to provide the necessary treatment.

The principle of equality implies that a doctor will be loyal and professional despite of gender, race, age, orientation and any other factors regarding the patient, and provide him with a qualified help.

Morality in Healthcare Sphere

There are some ethical issues concerned with the confidentiality, corruption, reliability of the information, cloning and testing on animals. The ethics should prevail in the doctors minds, as we hope and believe in them.

Still, there are cases of ethical principles violation in the hospitals, from testing on animals and people to gaining money on advertising of medicines that are not used to cure the illness. The ethical issues nowadays become a serious problem and the only hope we have is to rely on moral qualities and professional skills of the doctors.

Psychological Ethical Issues

The profession I have chosen for the example of healthcare ethics is psychologist. People often confide their secrets to them like to nobody else. Confidentiality is the primary and the most important issue in their practice. The work of psychologist implicates strong nervous system and sensibility to peoples problems and all this multiplied by the professionalism. Sometimes their patients are nervous, vulnerable or even dangerous, but the ethical norms require the physician to be calm, polite and helpful. The main principle of their work is to only listen and never involve their private life in work, as people often see the friend in their psychologists.

The competence is also the ethical aspect. The doctor should be competent and able to provide all the necessary services and facilities to help and cure the client. His competence should be up to date with new techniques, information and they should consult with the specialists in their field to be in charge. The justice aspect of psychology implies that their competency can not be changed by any private factors. They should be loyal and able to diagnose the patient and provide the right treatment. Psychologists should be above all conflict situations and help people to cope with their problems using different tactics and avoid ethical dilemmas.

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The special thing about this profession is the ability to listen and bear with their clients. The job you choose reflects on your well-being too, so from this point of view psychologists are at the danger of a nervous strain. The ethics aspect is about their tolerance. They are the listeners of humans soul and they deserve the respect not only from the ethical, but also from the professional view.

Legal Issues

Psychological professionals have their Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct. It is the set of rules and descriptions of the notions and ideas they should use in their work. To put it short, it is a special list of standards and ethical norms every psychologist has to apply.

It is provided by the American Psychological Association. The last update was in 2010. The Ethic Code consists from 4 parts: Introduction, Preamble, General Principles, and Ethical Standards. This Ethics code includes descriptions on how to behave in their professional activities. The Ethics Code has an explanation on how to solve the conflict situations and to resolve troubles with respect to human rights. It provides five general ethical principles that every psychologist should adhere to, including: beneficence and nonmaleficence, fidelity and responsibility, integrity, justice, respect for people's rights and dignity.

The Common Ethical Issues

Ethical issues are also influential in psychology. The most common issue is the multiple relationships. As I wrote in this work, clients often believe their psychologists are their friends. However, it is inappropriate in any cases because it can influence the course of rehabilitation and healing of the client. After the course has ended it can potentially harm the patient, as psychologists do not have right by the law to communicate privately with their patients. These moments should be discussed at the beginning of the curing session.

Confidentiality is also a very important part of this work. A lot of social or governmental organizations often need the information about the clients. If the case is urgent, according to the Ethics Code, the psychologist may share only minimum data amount to avoid transgression of human rights.

Psychologist should work in the field where he is an expert and able to provide qualified services and treatment.


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Psychologist is a person one can confide his problems or illness to. Psychological rehabilitations are wide spread nowadays. The Ethical Code helps professionals to provide their services correctly without diminishing people, doing any harm to them or violating their social rights. Psychologists face a lot of ethical issues in their everyday practice. A lot of clients simply have no measures in communicating, they can be rough and nervous. They should be patient and loyal despite of any situation. One of the ethical issues in working with such patients is that there should be provided special tactics of communication with them. The professional activity in such cases must be oriented not to harm, not to cure, but to develop clients mental abilities. It is hard work. Not everyone can pass through human grief. Though, psychologists are faced with such situations every day. Speaking about me, I respect them for their work, loyalty and patience. They are able to help not our body, but our soul. I a way, they let people live long and prosper, and in some cases, to make a brand new start.

Health care professionals show society the example of qualified workers. The variety of situations they can cope with impresses me a lot. These are people which are working for people. They deserve to be respected.


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