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St. Francis Health Care Facility

Type of Facility


St. Francis health care facility is a modern faith-based health care ministry of the Catholic Archdiocese of Hartford. Diversified leaders within the community founded St. Francis health care facility in 1950. From the beginning, there were only 154 beds, 17 sisters, 60 physicians, and 171 patients. Over the years, it has grown to a licensed facility that accommodates 376 beds, 2800 associates (among them 1400 are full-time workers), and 300 physicians (About Us, n.d.). St. Francis is a non- profit making organization that targets the poor people in the society. The operations of the facility focus on offering quality health services. The staff at this health care facility delivers high quality and safety standards, which have made it grow and become the best facility in the area. .

Institutions Assisting St. Francis Facility

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A number of institutions have helped in a successful growth of St. Francis health care facility. St. Francis Foundation is an entity structured on 21 November 1991 (About Us, n.d.). It helps the facility in facilitating its daily activities of health care and education through offering financial assistance. The society within this facility consists of supporters who help the hospital to raise funds. Its membership is open to all people including private companies. It is a non-profit health care provider offering services through various programs and scholarships. For example, the Sister Patricia Garrigan Scholarship assists in educating students with poor background to pursue careers related to health care within the facility. It is awarded to workers and non-workers, and the sum differs depending on the needs (About Us, n.d.). However, it does not include the undergraduate curriculum. Through Caring Hospital Employees Envision Real Success program, St. Francis contributes annually to improving the financial status of low-income patients. These initiatives include care fund that provides health care and assistance with drug prescription. Secondly, the share fund avails emergency funds for any individual in crisis including all the employees. On the contrary, the scholarship funds assist the students willing to pursue a career in health care especially through the Sister Patricia Garrigan fund. Further, the United Way of Chattahoochee valley also supports community organizations.

Other initiatives include the Patrick Heart Institute of St. Francis. It is a specialized unit, which diagnoses, treats and helps with the rehabilitation of people with cardiac problems (About Us, n.d.). There are professional surgeons and cardiologists who assist in cardiac care and rehabilitation. Physicians and nurses who offer emergency services staff the emergency department. They provide a full range of the spectrum and cardiovascular care. In this line, the ED Fast Track is an emergency area of St. Francis that serves patients with less serious and urgent medical problems. Furthermore, the orthopedic institute within this entity is a collaboration of St. Francis Hospital and McCluskey orthopedic surgery (MOS). It comprises highly specialized orthopedic surgeons in various fields such as shoulder surgery, foot and ankle surgery, adult total joint replacement, and reconstructive surgery.

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The Elena Diaz-Verson Amos center for breast health at St. Francis offers both systematic and local therapy to patients with cancer. At the same time, the Bradley center is a drug, alcohol, and rehabilitation center and focuses on treatment of mental and substance abuse. Services provided include detoxification, outpatient, hospitalization, buprenorphine, and hospital inpatient care. Personalized care is provided at the Franciscan Woods. This 60-unit personal care facility gives basic needs assistance such as food, shelter, and water to needy individuals in the community (About Us, n.d.). Furthermore, at the St. Francis Wellness Center, there is a team of exercise physiologists who help people in achieving their personal fitness goals. Lastly, the Trinity Center for Women deals with mothers and helps them to cope with their pregnancy, pre-natal care, education, delivery, postnatal and health support (Trinity Center for Women, n.d.).

The Contracting Situation at St. Francis

St. Francis has various contracts, which include supplier and client contracts. It also deals with insurance companies that insure their employees and patients. Furthermore, St. Francis has developed the code of conduct and organizational ethics for Thomas Health System that guides them in ensuring they apply high ethical and legal standards in their daily activities. The set of regulations determines relationships with the patients, affiliated physicians, and third parties such as insurance companies, contractors, suppliers, consultants, and subcontractors. The leaders must ensure the subordinates are aware and adhere to the laws, regulations, policy, and the available resources in fulfilling their daily activities. In addition, the hospital has patient care and rights, which differ from those of admission, transfer, or discharge. For example, during admission the patient is informed about their right decision on medical care.

The emergency treatment is based on the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA). It also guides the physicians to take care of patients irrespective of their ability to pay. Moreover, patient information about their medical condition, history, medication, and family illness must be corrected and kept confidential. Any physician contracted must have a structured arrangement and all legal requirements observed. For instance, all the contracts must be written and approved by the legal counsel. Third party payers such as insurance companies and their services are accurate and honest.

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The facility requires such contract in order to facilitate and guide all the stakeholders involved. It is a large facility, therefore, individuals must be guided to prevent conflict of interests and to ensure that all activities are running smoothly.

Conclusively, St. Francis is a modern hospital that carries its activities within the set federal laws. It ensures that the needy people get the health care they require. The facility should ensure they uphold the ethics stipulated as it makes their work efficient.


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