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Medicaid is the American program which deals with health care, insurance and helps the poor and families in need. It assists over sixty million citizens and also serves as the key source of the long-term healthcare funding. Medicaid is the federally funded program that serves needy individuals who meet various eligibility requirements including the financial ones and helps people who lack necessary resources to pay for medical aid. Despite the fact that the federal authorities have the general rules for Medicaid, Louisiana, Arizona as well as other individual states have established specific requirements for this program.


The applicant from Arizona may qualify for the Medicaid Program if he/she is an Arizona resident, an American national, a permanent resident, a qualified immigrant or a citizen in need of insurance or health care assistance. Individuals can apply for this program if they possess a Social Security number or are in the process of obtaining it. If the financial situation is characterized as difficult and individuals are under the income limit, they are free to apply for this program. It provides coverage for those people who meet the basic income and program requirements.

The federal poverty level plays a crucial role in establishing the Medicaid requirements in the South-Western state. According to the Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services (2014), the income guideline standards came into effect at the beginning of 2014. In comparison with Louisiana and other states, Arizona is currently implementing the expansion of Medicaid (The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, 2014). In Arizona, there are many benefits of the Medicaid coverage including hospital and behavioral services, physical exams, specialist, emergency and preventive care, surgery, family planning, immunization, ensuring prescription drugs, doctors visits, x-ray, laboratories, and podiatry. Individuals who are under 21 also get necessary treatment, hearing, vision, and dental services as well as screening diagnosis. The Medicaid program covers pre-existing health conditions.

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Owing to Medicaid, one million citizens of Louisiana, including individuals under 19, get coverage. The Department of Health and Hospitals monitors the Medicaid implementation in the state. The federal poverty level helps determine the program eligibility in Louisiana as well as in Arizona. Individuals can qualify to get Medicaid if they receive the supplemental security income from the Social Security administration, get assistance from the office of family support through various programs. Moreover, one may apply for the Medicaid coverage if he/she is a disabled person according to the definition given by the Social Security Administration, a low-income parent of a child/children under the age of 19, or pregnant. Moreover, if an individual has no insurance, needs treatment for cervical and breast cancer and receives Medicare coverage, he/she may also qualify for this program.

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The Medicaid program in Louisiana covers various services, including the childrens healthcare program that guarantees coverage to every uninsured individual who is under 19. The program covers expenses for prescription drugs, doctor visits, and hospital care. The premium payment as a part of Louisiana Medicaid program may cover expenses of employees and their family members if they have insurance available through the job and somebody from the family members gets coverage through this federal program. Every family member who gets Medicaid will have health insurance. LaMOMS program as a part of the Louisiana Medicaid program guarantees access to free healthcare coverage to any pregnant woman. The program covers expenses for particular assistance services and provides full health coverage to eligible individuals who, due to their serious medical conditions, may need help with the daily activities. The permanent healthcare support is provided either in a persons home or the medical facilities. Prescription service is regarded as the largest service and expenditure area under Medicaid. The section coordinates all pharmacy services related to Medicaid in Louisiana.

The Arizona legislature approved a budget for the fiscal year 2013-2014, where a plan to expand the Medicaid program under the Affordable Care Act was included. The state adopted the Medicaid expansion and responded to numerous incentives by expanding eligibility. According to Bond and Parente (2013), covering new beneficiaries will cost the state over nine hundred million dollars within the next years.

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The state of Louisiana is not currently adopting the Medicaid expansion (The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, 2014). However, it has the opportunity to extend the program coverage to over 400,000 poor and working adult people as a part of the Affordable Care Act. By taking advantage of various opportunities that Medicaid offers, Louisiana can stimulate economic growth, diminish the mortality rate, and improve health outcomes for its communities. However, the opposition to the states governor is regarded by many as the only factor that stands in the way of this opportunity. He has repeatedly stated that the expansion would considerably burden the budget of different states (Jindal, 2013). Louisiana has already spent millions of dollars on care for the uninsured people every year. The fact is that the Southern state cannot ignore and refuse to expand Medicaid. Any delay will put the state at a disadvantage leaving millions of dollars since other states continue to move forward enjoying the benefits of expansion.

Medicaid continues to provide various medical benefits to poor families and individuals across the country. Though the federal authorities have established the general and basic rules for the Medicaid program, every U.S. state has set particular requirements. The medical requirements for those who need the long-term care vary by the state that considers individuals incomes differently. However, peoples assets and incomes are regarded as the consideration factors across the country. It is important to know that even if assets and incomes of residents exceed the limits, Americans can still qualify for Medicaid, undergo a thorough medical examination and get proper treatment.


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