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National Health Care

Lack of insurance does not necessarily mean that the younger and older generations do not receive medical care. It is about quality of life, if there is no insurance, the possibility of "deferred treatment" increases and delayed medical care is fraught with even greater financial hardship for financially unstable families.

Problem of health insurance should be addressed in the context of the high cost of medical services and drugs which are the main problems of the United States, from the standpoint of most Americans.


According to the Census Bureau, for the period of 2005-2006 an average annual income of U.S. households (family or group of people living together and having a common budget) increased, reaching 48.2 thousand dollars in all.

Gallup poll showed that 29 % of the U.S. residents called major health problems as follows:

High cost of treatment

22 % - lack of access to health services

14% - low achievements in the fight against cancer

8 % - obese

6 % - AIDS

3 % - cardiovascular disease

Poor Americans also called avian flu, alcoholism and drug addiction. Less than 0.5 % of the respondents mentioned bioterrorism and smoking.

Meanwhile, the U.S. healthcare system has much strength, including advances in medical research, in the development of drugs, medical devices, in the availability of modern and advanced medical research centers with modern equipment, which employs highly qualified medical staff. The United States spends on health goals in 2-3 times more compared to other industrialized countries of the West.

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Although the index of infant mortality in the country has decreased in the second half of the XX century, the United States is inferior to other developed countries on this important indicator. Hence it makes the American public and the government to worry.

Media are responsive to the state of childhood and motherhood in the country, and this attention is not accidental, since numerous measurements of public sentiment on this subject have consistently shown a high degree of interest in it.

Seven out of ten Americans believe that the government is doing very little to help people who have no health insurance.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as a true state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Health care includes prevention, treatment, care organization and preservation of mental and physical well-being through health services provided by professionals in a given sphere.

The figure of national health funding is wage. This figure has declined steadily in the XX century, but remained higher than in other civilized countries that invest even less in health care. In the U.S., about two-thirds of infant deaths (from birth to one year of life) occur in the first month of life. The reasons are mainly related to health problems or a baby so as pregnancy proceeds mother (premature birth, birth defects).

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In 2005, according to the parents, 5% of children from 4 to 17 years had serious emotional problems that affected their behavior and health. Parents of these children consulted a doctor for advice or went to schoolteachers. As a result drug therapy was recommended for 40 % of people.

State of preventive health care is of vital importance. In 2004, 83.9 % of pregnant women were registered in the first three months of pregnancy. Very small proportion - 3.6% cost without medical treatment that took place mainly within Afro-American and Hispanic Americans, as well as young, unmarried and less educated women.

Dental care should also be discussed. Chief physician of the U.S. Public Health Service in 2000 called the presence of dental caries only common chronic disease in the United States. In 2004, 73 % of children under 18 had passed a routine inspection.

The American Dental Association recommends that children first inspection should be done at the age of six months, when the first teeth appear, and no later than one year of life. According to estimates by the American Academy of Pediatrics, parents should visit the dentist 8 times with children under one year, three - in the second year of life, and at least one time per year, starting from adolescence to adulthood.

Increase in the number of illegitimate children is especially evident among women aged 25 years and older. The share of unmarried women in 2005 accounted for 37 % of all children born in the U.S. - the highest figure recorded in history.

Level of childbirth among girls aged 15-17 years continued to fall in 2005: it fell by two-fifths since 1991, reaching 21 per 1,000 girls aged 15-17 years.

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It is known that Americans are resorting to intermediaries for payment of medical bills: medical policy (insurance) guarantees an access to health, the amount, the nature and extent of which are determined by its terms. The existence of the two systems of security (private and public) in the country are the most important features of American medical software.

Besides, type of insurance varies depending on the age of the people.

With the continued increase in the number of Americans without health insurance Medicaid program (the Federal health program of native welfare, i.e. health insurance) has acquired a special significance. Increased enrollment in the program will improve the situation with the protection of children and mothers in the United States.

It should be noted that different countries have different systems of financing national health care sector.


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