Jan 29, 2018 in Health

The Strength of Germany's Healthcare

Although Germany is one of the most populous countries in the world, is it highly ranked among the countries that have the best and effective healthcare system in the world. Statistics show that the country has a population of about 81,880, 00, making it fifteenth populous country. People aged between 15-64 years make up the majority of the country’s population (Marshall, B., 2001).  


The strength of the country's healthcare system can be attributed to several factors. Thus, this paper will explore on what has contributed to the robust and effective health care system in the country for both the young and the aged. The amount of resources used by the country to ensure citizens’ health has directly contributed to the strength of the healthcare system. Annually, the government spends about 10.7 percent of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on health only. The money is spent on maintaining the existing health facilities or building the new ones. A greater portion of the funds is directed to the insurance of both the employed and the unemployed.

The country has two types of health insurance policies. One is the compulsory insurance which covers the unemployed and those earning below a given income level and covers 80 percent of the population;, and another one is the private insurance that takes care of those earning above the set compulsory insurance level covering the rest 20 percent of the country’s population. The two systems work together to ensure that all citizens are covered with an insurance policy regardless of his/her age and level of income (Michael E. Porter, 2012). The country has invested vast amounts of money on training health practitioners; they are trained and equipped with the most recent health practices and technology. Hence, the country has a plenty of health specialists estimated 2.3 practicing health specialist for every 1000 people. There are enough health specialists to cater the country’s population (David G. Green, 2005).


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