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Columbus: Hero or Villain?



Columbus: Hero or Villain?


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Columbus: Hero or Villain

It is true that Columbus discovered America, but do you have any information about the death and destruction he caused? On his mission to explore the ocean, he came across a new continent, the present North America. His aim was to look for India and its gold. Instead, he found a different place. The exploration of North America was associated with many negative things that happened because of Columbus. One may therefore be tempted to say that Columbus was a villain.

Moreover, Columbus was a liar. This is one of the reasons that make him appear as a villain. He gave false information to the queen concerning the explored island. He informed the queen that India was full of gold and spices. He further said that its occupants were very hospitable. Besides, he reported that he reached Asia, yet his destination was North America. It is believed that he gave false information to get mercy from the queen. This would have spared him from the eminent death that was awaiting him.

Columbus is also viewed as a villain because he deculturalized people. Upon meeting Arawak Indians, he aimed to make them be like Europeans. He attempted to convert them to Christianity. He also gave less power and fewer rights to women. Women were made to work hard in fields, while men worked in dangerous mines. Many people protested but were killed if they were found. This portrays Columbus as a villain.

Genocide was among the worst things that Columbus did. When he went to America for the second time, he came with many Indians. The aim was to make them slaves that will work for the queen. Many people died while on the way to America. Other deaths were associated with the hard labor they were exposed to. This, coupled with the factors discussed earlier, portrays Columbus as a villain.

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Columbus is thought to have discovered America. Unfortunately, it appears like people do not have any idea how many deaths and destruction was brought by Columbus. In his quest to explore the ocean, he came across a new continent, the North America. In real sense, Columbuss mission was to look for India and its gold, but instead he landed at a different place. The exploration of North America was associated with so many negative effects and all of them are attributed to Columbus. As a result, basing on the above, one can easily conclude that Columbus was more of a villain than a hero.

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Columbus can be viewed as a liar, and this does not settle well with many. Columbus deliberately gave wrong information to the queen about the explored island. While reporting to the queen, he mentioned that the explored island was full of gold and other spices. Furthermore, he reported that the occupants of the island were really hospitable and were more than willing to share what they had with anyone. He went ahead to falsely tell the queen that he reached Asia as his destination point. One wonders why he could come up with all the lies. He had a reason better known to him, perhaps making the queen believe that he was a good person. This perception would have gone a long way of saving him from death. Such kind of false information does not only make him a liar but also presents him as a selfish person.

Columbus is also perceived as a villain due to the fact that he attempted to make people abandon their culture. While in India, Columbus attempted to make Arawak Indians be like Europeans. His mission was to convert them into Christianity. This seemed as if he did not appreciate their culture. Perhaps he thought that Christianity was the best at the moment. Furthermore, Columbus perceived women as weak creatures. The powers and rights of women were really limited. Women worked in the fields, while men would work in deadly mines. As a result, much resistance arose in form of protests. Unfortunately, those found protesting would be killed. And all this was happening under the direction of Columbus.

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Genocide is one of the grave mistakes that portray him as a villain. When he went to America for the second time, he came with many Indians (Native Americans) that were made slaves for the queen. Many people died while on transit to his country. The hard labor in mines also contributed to the death of other slaves. This was more of a torture to people and as a result presents him as a villain.

The essay portrays Columbus as an egocentric person. He was determined to satisfy himself with little consideration of what others felt like. Forcing people to convert to Christianity was a heinous act. He lied to the queen about the nature of the explored country. He says the country was full of gold and its people were so hospitable. His aim was to convince the queen to think that he was a good man and be spared from execution. Furthermore, many people died while transported to Columbus country to work as slaves. Some also died while working as slaves in mines. All this portrays Columbus as an inconsiderate person. He has little respect for other peoples freedom. Though the natives of his country may see him as a hero because he provided labor, a neutral person sees him as a villain. The writer of the story in the entire discussion portrays him as a villain.


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